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Metropolis Intranet

The network of Metropolis web sites will include restricted access to an Intranet, or internal network, that focuses on Metropolis activities. Access to the intranet will be through the icon found on the "Lists and Discussions" page. Use of the intranet will be restricted by requiring previous approval for access and a password for entrance. Researchers, Policy makers, and Metropolis team members will have access to the intranet by registering and then requesting access from the responsible Web Master.

The Intranet could support three groups of activities:

  • discussion groups on specific issues among researchers and policy makers and among Metropolis Project managers. This would be a logical extension once contacts have been established through an "event" or with other interested individuals contacted from the database of researchers and policy makers;
  • "virtual work benches for team work" that would enable Metropolis partners who are geographically dispersed to consult and/or modify the same document together, in real time, in accordance with their needs and at their own pace;
  • a highly secure area that would support exchanges of raw scientific data (including statistics) among researchers in government and in the research community per se.

The Metroplis Intranet is not yet available.

More to come.

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Last update on : 1998/10/08

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