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This Graduate Student Development Day offers graduate students (and faculty members) the opportunity to discuss the importance of policy-relevant research, to learn how to shape a policy-relevant research question, as well as to gain insight into the potential uses offered by way of various government data sets related to issues of immigration and diversity.

Producing policy-relevant research as well as diffusing research findings to government and community representatives is becoming an increasingly important dimension of the research process, yet it is a task for which graduate programs rarely adequately prepare future researchers. In Part I, the Graduate Student Development Day will feature a discussion with representatives from various ministries and agencies of the federal government on how research is used in evidenced-based policy making and on what kind of research output formats are most useful to policy makers. Concrete examples will be provided of how research is integrated into the policy making process.

Governments are also engaged in the production of research tools and data sets that can be used by researchers across the country. In Part II, the Graduate Student Development Day offers presentations from government representatives describing some of the various tools and data sets available related to issues of immigration and diversity and demonstrating how to access and use these data sets.

Those registered to attend this event are also invited to attend a complimentary reception hosted by Elisabeth Gidengil of the Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship at 5 pm following the conclusion of the seminar.

There is no extra cost to attend this session.

(In collaboration with the Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship)


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