Selection Criteria

Submission deadline
October 30, 2009

  • Submitted proposals will not be reviewed until after the deadline of October 30, therefore we strongly recommend that you wait until you have confirmed all details and necessary information to submit your proposal rather than submit an incomplete proposal that requires many updates and changes.
  • Only 80 workshops will be accepted this year. A competitive review process will be held after the deadline to select the workshops. It is therefore very important to have confirmed all the presenters listed in the proposal prior to submitting.
  • The review committee will select proposals that best correspond with the objectives of Metropolis and thus will give preference to those proposals that include presenters from different sectors (government, academic researchers and community organizations) and from different regions in Canada.
  • Proposals for individual presentations will not be accepted. We strongly encourage you to solicit colleagues and associates from the milieu before submitting a proposal.
  • Only complete proposals will be accepted. Please ensure that you have submitted your 50 word summary as well as the 250 word abstract. Both documents must be in the following format . It is very important to provide the title or theme of each presentations in the proposal. These details will be included in the final program which will be distributed on-site. Revisions to the title or topic can be made to proposals after acceptance.
  • Each person who has submitted a proposal will receive a response no later January 8, 2010.
  • Each person listed as a presenter in a workshop must be registered to the conference.

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