Poster Presentations


Poster Presentations | Présentations par affiches

Citizenship, Social, Cultural and Civic Integration | Citoyenneté et intégration sociale, culturelle et civique

Implementation of a Standardized French Language Assessment Tool for Immigrants in Canada | Implantation d'un outil standardisé pour évaluer la compétence langagière en français des immigrants au Canada

Hector Gauthier and Elissa Beaulieu, Centre des niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens

Bilingualism: Challenges and Solutions

Marie-Christine Beshay, Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

Special Needs Students in Adult ESL Classrooms

Suzanna Kotilehti, YMCA Learning Centre

Changes in subjective perception: Immigrants' self-rated satisfaction of their experience in Canada during the first four years upon arrival

Claudia Masferrer, McGill University

Adapting to life in the ethnic homeland: Preliminary results from the pre-migration stage

Katrina Jurva, University of Helsinki

Temporary migration and transitions to permanency: Experiences of foreign workers in Manitoba

Jill Bucklaschuk, University of Manitoba

Pathways to Permanency

Carly Austin, Ryerson University

Economic and Labour Market Integration | Intégration à l'économie et au marché du travail

The determinants of obtaining the first adequately skilled job by recent immigrants to Canada: An analysis by level of educational attainment

Nicolas Bastien and Alain Bélanger, Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS)

International Students' Views of Transition to Employment and Immigration

Nancy Arthur, University of Calgary

Cost and Benefit:The Role of Testing in Professional Certification for Newly Arrived Foreign-Trained Professionals to Canada

Liying Cheng, Queen's University

Melisa Spaling, University of Alberta

The incidence of over-education and its impact on earnings of recent immigrants to Canada: Evidence from the longitudinal survey of immigrants to Canada

Mesbah Sharaf, Economics Department , Concordia University

Internationally Educated Health Professionals Initiative Investments to Improve Foreign Qualification Recognition of Internationally Educated Health Professionals

Sue Beardall and Jenn Scribner, Health Canada

Immigrants, Mental Health Services and the Canadian Workplace

Mei Lan Fang, Centre For Applied Research In Mental Health and Addiction (CARMHA)

Highly Educated, Still Unemployed: Iranians and the Struggle for Labour Market Integration in Sweden

Melissa Kelly, Uppsala University

Diversity and Inclusion training in a municipal context: A move towards equity or status quo?

Candy Khan, City of Edmonton

Zenobia Jamal, Zenev Educational Consultants

Intégration professionnelle des immigrants dans le secteur de la chimie au Québec : parcours et obstacles

Thomas Gulian, Institut De Recherche Sur L'intégration Professionnelle Des Immigrants (IRIPI)

Family, Children and Youth | Familles, enfants et jeunes

Engaging the Hearts and Minds of Immigrant Youth

Colleen Rogan, ELSA Net,

Roumi Ilieva, Simon Fraser University,

Nora Ready Vancouver Community College and

Diana Turner, Manitoba Education

Health and Well-Being | Santé et bien-être

Partnerships to Promote Evidence-Informed Maternal-Child Health Care for International Migrants to Canada

Stephanie Bouris, McGill University

Abuse during pregnancy in international migrant women to Canada

Praem Mehta, McGill University

Justice, Policing and Security | Justice, services de police et sécurité

Bringing politics back in: The securitization of refugee policy in Canada and Britain

Simona Chiose, University of Toronto

Complementary Protection for Environmentally Displaced People: The Responses of Canada and the United States to Displaced Haitians following the 2010 Earthquake

Sarah D'Aoust, University of Ottawa

Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons, British Columbia's Strategy to Address Human Trafficking

Victor Porter, Office To Combat Trafficking In Persons

Recruited to get suited: The Contemporary Diversity Recruitment Tactics of the Canadian Military

Rebecca Nava, Ryerson University

Countering Radicalization of Diaspora Communities in Canada

James Ellis, Memorial Institute For The Prevention of Terrorism

Rick Parent, Simon Fraser University

Welcoming Communities | Rôle des Collectivités d'accueil

Intercultural Community Gardens as a Means to Promote Social Cohesion and Civic Engagement

Linda Rubuliak, Rita Douglas, YMCA of Greater Vancouver and Ana Maria Bustamante, Gordon Neighbourhood House

Inclusiveness Evaluation Tool (IET): Evaluating a Welcoming Community

Teeba Alsafar and Natasha Clark, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Barriers to, and Supports for, Academic Success in Post-secondary Education for International and New Immigrant Students: Early Findings

Nancy Johnston, Simon Fraser University