Submissions are now closed

Please note that the submission deadline for workshop proposals is November 1, 2010.
The results of the adjudication process will be announced the week of January 7, 2011.

Objectives of the Workshop Programme

A main objective of the National Metropolis Conference is to facilitate dialogue and exchange between researchers, government, and non-government (community and private) sector partners. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to include participants from each of the three sectors in your workshop proposal.

Another objective of the workshop programme is to explore issues that are national in scope or that can be compared across the provinces and territories. We encourage you to include participants from various regions of Canada to provide a comparative or national perspective on the issues being discussed in your workshop.

We also encourage you to support the next generation of immigration and diversity researchers by including graduate students in your workshop.

Workshop formats

Workshops: Workshops will usually consist of four to five presentations of approximately 15 minutes each followed by at least 20 minutes of discussion. Workshop coordinators will preside over the session or designate another individual to do so.

Training workshops: Training workshops will present information on a specific program, pedagogical tool or data source related to immigration and/or cultural diversity.

Roundtables: The roundtable format is suitable for more informal discussions of important issues or controversies. It is a very effective format for the exchange of information and experiences among a relatively small number of people. The organizer or designated person chairs the roundtable with up to a maximum of 11 other discussants. The 12 person limit per roundtable discussion is recommended because of the actual physical arrangement of the tables around which the discussions will take place. Extra chairs will be available. Please note that the roundtables take place in one large room, with multiple discussions taking place simultaneously. Accordingly, this session format is not well-suited to private meetings. (These can be organized by special request).

Poster Sessions: Poster sessions provide an alternative format through which conference participants can share research which has not been otherwise presented. Posters should provide some conclusive results, even if preliminary. Poster presenters must provide their own display materials.

Important Points to Remember

We ask that participants limit themselves to making one formal presentation during the National Metropolis Conference. If you are listed as a presenter in more than one workshop, we will ask you to to chose the workshop in which you would like to be an official presenter. A presenter can choose to participate in additional workshops as a chair, respondent or commentator.

Each person listed as a presenter in a workshop must register to the national conference either as a day or full conference participant and pay the applicable registration fees. Please inform your presenters of this requirement when inviting them to participate in your workshop.

Please note that no double length workshops will be accepted this year. Participants may organize more than one workshop but on different topics.

Individual paper submissions will not be accepted this year. If you are interested in presenting a paper, we strongly encourage you to solicit colleagues from your area of expertise in order to submit a workshop proposal. If you do not have the time or the contacts to put together a workshop proposal but you are still interested in presenting your paper, please select "poster with presentation option" format when prompted. We will not be able to match you with a workshop organizer but your proposal will be available to workshop organizers for their consideration. We will post your name, the title of your poster and your abstract along with your email address. You will be contacted directly by workshop organizers who have an opening and are interested in having you make a presentation in their workshop. If you accept to make a presentation, you can choose to withdraw your proposal for a poster or leave it in to be considered by the Adjudication Committee. Please advise us if you decide to withdraw your poster proposal at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before November 1, 2010.


We will be accepting workshop proposals on themes related to immigration and diversity in Canadian society linked to one of the six policy-research priority areas of the Metropolis project listed below or to the cross-cutting policy-research priority of health and well-being of immigrants. Please select the priority that is most closely related to your workshop theme when prompted. For more information on these priorities, you may wish to consult the Memorandum of Understanding for the Metropolis Project which describes these policy-research priorities in detail on our web site at

  1. Citizenship and Social, Cultural, and Civic Integration
  2. Economic and Labour Market Integration
  3. Family, Children and Youth
  4. Welcoming Communities
  5. Justice, Policing and Security
  6. Housing and Neighbourhoods
  7. Health and Well-being

Selection Criteria

Only 80 workshops will be accepted this year. An Adjudication Committee will meet to review the workshop proposals after the submission deadline. The Adjudication Committee will consider proposals that include a clear title, abstract and summary as well as a list of at least four confirmed presenters.

  • The presenters should represent at least 2 of the 3 sectors that the Metropolis aims to engage: academic, non-governmental and government policy sectors.  Workshop organizers that have confirmed participants from all 3 sectors will be given preference.
  • Workshops should also include presenters from at least 2 different regions of the country. Workshop organizers that have confirmed participants from 3 or more regions will be given preference.
  • Workshops that focus on new and emerging policy issues or involve graduate students will also be looked upon favourably by the Adjudication Committee.

Submit your Proposal

Please note that you will be required to provide the information listed below during the submission process:

  • Name and contact information
  • Metropolis policy-research priority most closely linked to your proposal
  • Format of your session (workshop, training, roundtable or poster)
  • Title of your session
  • Names of co-organizers (if applicable)
  • Names of presenters including their affiliation, email address and titles of their presentation
  • 50-word abstract
  • 250-word summary for consideration by the Adjudication Committee

Please note that the information you provide us will be included in the conference program. Please verify the spelling of your presenters' names and the titles of their presentations. If you are organizing a session with both English and French presentations we ask that you provide us with the translation of the title and 50-word abstract for the program.

At the end of the submission process, you will be given an access code which will allow you in the future. Please write down this access code so you can make your edits on your existing proposal rather than re-entering your information. Note that the access code will be sent again to you in an email confirming that we have received your proposal. If you lose this access code please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .