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Conference Theme


Conference theme: Immigration and Canada’s Place in a Changing World


This event has highlighted the fact that immigration is a key element of contemporary globalization, and that, to an important degree, Canada defines its place in the international community through its immigration policy.  Canada receives immigrants from almost every country in the world and, through immigration, has become one of the most diverse societies worldwide.  Canada has elected to frame its integration policy around the concept of multiculturalism, which has become a core element of Canadian identity.  Canada has also chosen to offer naturalization to immigrants and their children, and citizenship is therefore also seen as an element of integration policy.


These issues were explored in a series of plenary and workshop sessions at the conference.


Plenaries dealt with the following themes:

  • Canada as a Competitor in the Global Market for Immigrants
  • Integration in a Racism-Free Workplace
  • The Changing Dynamics of Asylum and Refugee Settlement in Canada
  • Governance Approaches to Immigration and Integration
  • Citizenship and Social Inclusion

Further, six 90 minute blocks, each comprising approximately 12 concurrent sessions, were set aside for workshops. For more information about individual workshops, see the workshop schedule section of the website.