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Date: Saturday March 25th, 2006
Time: 3:30 - 5:00 pm

ˇ         The Housing Situation of Immigrants and Refugees in Canada
Organizers: Kathy Sherrell & Silvia D'Addario
Presentation - Anisef
Presentation - D'Addario & Sherrell
Presentation - Ghosh
Presentation - Contreras-Chavez
Presentation - Murdie

ˇ         Chinese Canadians: "A Changing Ethnic Community in Vancouver & Toronto"
Organizer: Harvey Low

ˇ         Immigrant Settlement: How Do we Define and Measure Successful Outcomes?
Organizer: Bill Walters (180 minutes)

ˇ         Foreign Students and Skilled Temporary Workers as Immigrants (Part II)
Organizers: Liisa Cormode, Elsie Ho and Richard Bedford (180 minutes)

ˇ         The Determinants of Migration and the Adjustment of Immigrants in North America
Organizer: Richard Mueller
Presentation - Picot, Hou, Finnie & Coulombe

ˇ         ISAP Services to Mandarin Speaking Newcomers
Organizer: Usha George

ˇ         Shared Citizenship and Security Imperatives (Part II) 
Organizer: Vladimir Mahu & Angela Mione

Immigration, Integration and Citizenship: Culture (Part V)
Organizer: John Biles

ˇ         Multiculturalism and the City
Organizer: Francois Bertrand

Presentation - Tolley

ˇ         Diversité et la Francophonie (Part II)
Organizers: Nathalie Ethier & France Trépanier

Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR) for Immigrants
Organizer: Christine Wihak
Presentation - Davis
Presentation - Wihak

Presentation - Donkers

ˇ         Reflections on the Involvement of the Settlement NGO Sector in Metropolis
Organizers: Claudette Legault & Madine VanderPlaat

ˇ         Immigrant Youth in Canada: Urban and Rural Experiences with Racism
Organizer: Darren Lund