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Teaching Immigration Studies: What Works Best?

Immigration Studies is finding an ever-prominent place in Canadian university curriculum. At undergraduate and graduate levels, immigration themes increasingly comprise distinct courses or are integrated across a variety of more generically titled courses. What are the rewards and challenges of teaching immigration-related curriculum at Canadian universities. What pedagogies, perspectives and assignments work best? This workshop features academics from all parts of Canada sharing their experiences. This workshop is an opportunity to learn together how best to teach Immigration Studies.

Location: Oak II Room


Myer Siemiatycki Ryerson University


Gail Benick
Sheridan Institute of Technology/University of Toronto at Mississauga

Shaheen Shariff McGill University

Marjorie Stone
Dalhousie University

Myer Siemiatycki
Ryerson University

Tony Marshall
Citizenship and Immigration Canada - Atlantic Region

Examining and Supporting the Educational Outcomes of Newcomer Youth

The workshop will include four presentations of empirical and mixed method research documenting the outcomes of, and practices that might support, refugee and immigrant students in the Lower Mainland and Ontario, in order to expose policy makers to current research in this field, and to receive guidance from policy makers for new policy relevant directions in which to take research on these populations.

Location: Cypress I Room


Bruce Garnett University of British Columbia


Bruce Garnett
University of British Columbia

Diane Potts University of British Columbia

Margaret Early University of British Columbia

Lee Gunderson
University of British Columbia

Charles Ungerleider Canadian Council on Learning

Anneke Rummens University of Toronto

Barry Anderson, British Columbia Ministry of Education

Policing Communities: Connecting with Youth

This workshop looks at efforts the police and communities have made to tackle the issue of problems immigrant children may have with the justice system.  The focus will be on the initiatives police forces and others have taken to connect with immigrant and minority youth in our respective communities.

Location: Cypress II Room


Steven Morris
Citizenship & Immigration Canada

Rosy Takhar
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Surrey Detachment


Rosy Takhar
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Surrey Detachment

Adam Dhaliwal
Vancouver Police Department

David Hansen
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Scot Wortley
University of Toronto

Marylou Reeve
Department of Justice

Gailoron Macalanda
Youth Representative

Immigration, Integration and Citizenship: Economic

This workshop will consider a paper that addresses indicators of economic integration.  Following a brief presentation and comments by a panel of expert discussants, workshop participants will be encouraged to discuss the merits and shortcomings of the proposed indicators.  

Location: Salon D


John Biles
Metropolis Project

Meyer Burstein

James Frideres
University of Calgary


Arthur Sweetman
Queen’s University

Mike Farrell Human Resources and Social Development (TBC)

Peter Li
University of Saskatchewan

Krishna Pendakur Simon Fraser University

Elizabeth Ruddick
Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Kelly Tran
Statistics Canada