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Participatory Action Research with Immigrant Girls in a Mid-Sized Canadian City

What issues arise when participatory action research is undertaken in mid-sized, less ethnically diverse cities where racialized immigrant girls and women are invisible, unorganized, and overlooked by service agencies? Drawing from several PAR studies, Anti-dote members, researchers and policy makers explore implications for advocacy, policy and research.

Location: Fir Room


Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw,
University of Victoria

Jo-Anne Lee,


Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw,
University of Victoria

Winnie Chow, Anti-dote

Sandrina De Finney,
University of Victoria

Zara Suleman, University of Victoria

Integrating Public Policy Engagement in Community Work

This project involves education, building capacity tools and practicum for some 30 Filipinos, mostly women, in public policy engagement particularly in the fields of citizenship rights and immigration; labor and accreditation; and women issues. This workshop will present some of the major results of the project.  It will demonstrate the methods, processes and individual and community participation that went into the project.  It will show the empowerment and skill development of project participants and increased knowledge of social policy issues such as multiculturalism, settlement and integration processes in a multicultural society like Canada.

Location: Prospect Room


Cecilia Diocson, National Alliance of Phillippine Women in Canada

Luningning Alcuitas,
Philippine Women Centre of British Columbia

Marilou Carillo, Philippine Women Centre of British Columbia

Emmanuel Sayo, Kalayaan Resource & Tranining Centre


Emmanuel Sayo, Kalayaan Resource & Training Centre

Nora Angeles,
University of British Columbia

Luningning Alcuitas,
Philippine Women Centre

Marilou Carrillo, Philippine Women Centre of British Columbia

Cecilia Diocson, National Alliance of Philippine Women in Canada

Sheila Farrales, Filipino Nurses Support Group

Issues and Challenges for Francophone Immigration to New Brunswick
This workshop opens the discussion on the specific problems that concern immigration in a minority society, like the francophone communities outside Québec. The participants address this problematic from different perspectives: sociolinguistic, political, educational, governmental and non governmental in order to put forward the challenges that multiculturalism faces within a minority group.

Location: Coquitlam Room


Annette Boudreau, Métropolis Atlantique

Chedly Belkhodja, Métropolis Atlantique


Isabelle Violette, Métropolis Atlantique

Annette Boudreau, Métropolis Atlantique

Chedly Belkhodja, Métropolis Atlantique

Aïcha Benimmas, Université de Moncton

Yamina Bouchamma, Université de Moncton

Mirelle Cyr, Intergovernmental Affairs, Government of New Brunswick

Aziz Gangué, CAIM centre d'accueil pour les immigrants francophones de Moncton

National Diaspora Strategies: India, China, and Canada (Part I)

There have been increasing numbers of Canadians living outside of the country for extended periods. Is this a “Canadian Diaspora?” This workshop will look at the role of diaspora communities in forging economic linkages between source countries and host countries, e.g. India and China. It will also examine the concept of an emerging “Canadian Diaspora" and the implications of overseas Canadians for international economic and domestic public policy.

Location: Mackenzie Room


Kenny Zhang,
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Shibao Guo, University of Calgary


Don DeVoretz, Simon Fraser University

J.C.Sharma, Former Consul General, Consulate-General of India in Vancouver

Kenny Zhang,
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Yuen Pau Woo, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Shibao Guo, University of Calgary

John Zhao, Statistics Canada

Jean L. Kunz
Policy Research Initiative

Anti-Racism and Workplace Equity (Part I): Lessons from Canada’s Large Urban Centres

In spite of legal protections against racism, there is evidence of discrimination in the hiring and promotion of visible minorities, as well as research that points to less-than hospitable workplace cultures.  As part of the Government of Canada’s Racism-Free Workplace Strategy, the Metropolis Centres of Excellence have conducted research with employers, labour leaders, and civil society organizations to examine anti-racism and workplace equity initiatives.  In this session, part one of a two-part workshop, we will examine lessons from Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Location: Seymour Room


Erin Tolley, Metropolis Project


Usha George, University of Toronto

Slim Saidani, Association culturelle et economique Quebec-Maghreb

Dan Hiebert, University of British Columbia

Kamal Dib,
Human Resources and Social Development Canada

Terre Flower, Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of British Columbia

Gurmeet Bambrah,
The Council for Access to the Profession of Engineering

Hélène Cardu, Université de Laval

Pablo Sobrino
Canadian Heritage