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Thank You!


I wish to acknowledge the generous help of the following individuals and institutions:


The Conference Steering Committee met about 10 times and set the tone of the conference and helped shape the plenary sessions and the overall structure of the event. Thanks to: Don DeVoretz (SFU/ RIIM); Carolyn Glover (CIC); Barry Halliday (Metropolis-Ottawa); Steven Morris (Metropolis-Ottawa); Madhvi Russell (Canadian Heritage); Zool Suleman (Suleman and Company); Timothy Welsh (AMSSA); Baldwin Wong (City of Vancouver); and Deb Zehr (BC Attorney General’s Office).


The Metropolis Project team was simply marvelous, contributing to all aspects of the conference. I owe a particular debt to Barry Halliday, who is the member of the team with special responsibility to work with RIIM. Barry’s capacity for detail, and for work more generally, is amazing. Howard Duncan also provided support and wise council at all times. The other members of the Metropolis Project team have each played an instrumental role in bringing the event together: Vicki Bencze; John Biles; Julie Boyer; Nathalie Ethier; Steven Morris; Erin Tolley; and Daniel Vanderlip.


Financial and logistical support for the conference was provided by: Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation; Canadian Heritage (Western Region; Multiculturalism Program – Ottawa); CanExcell Consulting; Catherine Sas Immigration Law Centre; Citizenship and Immigration Canada (BC/Yukon regional office; Integration Branch; and the Metropolis Project); City of Vancouver; Social Development Canada; Human Resources and Skills Development Canada; Justice Canada; National Homelessness Initiative; Simon Fraser University; Software Human Resources Council; Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada; Statistics Canada; and The University of British Columbia.


The following individuals were instrumental in organizing this financial support: Jean Bergeron;  Meyer Burstein; Johanne Denis; Don DeVoretz; Kamal Dib; Wendy Farrington; Michel Fourzly; Peter Hicks; Humera Ibrahim; Bayla Kolk; Kuan Li; Ajit Mehat; Ravi Pendakur; Mahdvi Russell; Dominique St-Amand; Marilyn Viger; and Jim Zamprelli.


Finally, I wish to thank: Nicky des Ormeaux (RIIM); Linda Sheldon (RIIM); Mariela McIlwraith (UBC Conferences & Accommodation); and Karen Stefanson (UBC Conferences & Accommodation). The conference could not have happened without their tireless work or their generous spirits.


Dan Hiebert

Co-Director, RIIM and Chair, Conference Steering Committee


of Canada

Gouvernement *
du Canada


* Our sincere thanks for the financial support from the National Homelessness Institute
and the former Department of Social Development Canada










Citizenship and
Immigration Canada



Department of Justice

Ministère de la Justice



Social Sciences and Humanities
Research Council of Canada

Conseil de recherches en
sciences humaines du Canada



Human Resources and
Skills Development Canada

Ressources humaines et
Développement des compétences Canada