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Date: Saturday March 25th, 2006 
Time: 1:30 - 3:00 pm

ˇ         Gender and Transnational Migration: Local and National Perspectives
Organizers: Evangelia Tastsoglou & Peruvemba S. Jaya

ˇ         Neighbourhoods as Sites of Integration: Social Dynamics and Local Governance
Organizer: Pablo Mendez
Presentation - Edgington

Presentation - Mendez

ˇ         How Refugee Diaspora Communities Make Peace Amongst Themselves in Host Countries
Organizer: Moussa Magassa
Presentation - Fiore
Presentation - Xu

ˇ         Foreign Students and Skilled Temporary Workers as Immigrants
Organizers: Liisa Cormode, Elsie Ho and Richard Bedford (180 minutes)
Presentation - Hamel

ˇ         The Economics of Citizenship: A Cross-County Analysis
Organizers: Sergiy Pivnenko & John Hayfron
Presentation - Akbari
Presentation - Azmitia

ˇ         Successes and Challenges of Second Language Learners in Canada (Part II) 
Organizer: Tracey Derwing (180 minutes)
Presentation - Tavares

ˇ         Local Approaches to Social and Economic and Integration
Organizer: Miu Chang Yan

ˇ         Multilingual Education and Second Language Acquisition 
Organizers: Marjorie Stone & Ingrid Johnston

ˇ         Shared Citizenship and Security Imperatives (Part I) 
Organizer: Angela Mione & Vladimir Mahu

ˇ         Immigration, Integration and Citizenship: Political (Part IV)  
Organizer: John Biles

ˇ         Religion and Migration in Canadian Society (Part II) 
Paul Bramadat

ˇ         Diversity and La Francophonie (Part I)
Organizer: Nahtalie Ethier & France Trépanier

ˇ                       Development of Intercultural Competence through Teacher Preparation Programs
             Organizer: Anna Kirova