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Date: Saturday March 25th, 2006
Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

         Immigrants and the Housing Markets of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver 
Organizer: Dan Hiebert

         Family Class Immigration through South Asian International Arranged Marriages
Organizer: Noorfarah Merali

         New Chinese Immigrants in the West
Organizer: Peter Li
Presentation - DeVoretz & Pivenko
Presentation - Guo & DeVoretz
Presentation - Lo

         Workplace Equity and Anti-Racism Initiatives for Visible Minorities
Organizer: Michel Fourzly

         Integrating Internationally Educated Professionals into a Knowledge Economy
Organizer: Lillie Lum 
Presentation - Bambrah
Presentation - Lum

         Successes and Challenges of Second Language Learners in Canada
Organizer: Tracey Derwing
Presentation - Armand & Dagenais

         The Future of NGO Settlement Services
: John Shields and Ted Richmond

  Places and Images of Attachment and Disrespect
  Organizers: Yvonne Hebert & Lori Wilkinson

   Guns, Gangs and Immigrant Youth: Exploring Research and Policy Options
Organizer: Scot Wortley

         Immigration, Integration and Citizenship: Integration Policy and Programs (Part III)
John Biles
Presentation - Biles
Presentation - Nakache & Crépeau
Presentation - Rimok

         Religion and Migration in Canadian Society (Part I) 
Organizer: Paul Bramadat (180 minutes)

    When Strangers Become Neighbours: The Story of the Collingwood Neighbourhood House
Organizer: Leonie Sandercock