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12th National
Metropolis Conference

The Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver - March 23-26, 2011


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Metropolis National Research Competition
2011-2012, More

  Immigration jump would be good for economy: study led by York U, More

  Call for Papers: Re-Writing the Rights and Security Balance? 9/11 Ten Years After Deadline:
May 27, 2011, More

  Health Policy Research Bulletin 17: Migration Health
Release of Issue 17 of the Health Policy vResearch Bulletin: Migration Health: Embracing a Determinants
of Health Approach,

  Metropolis New Publication:
Newcomers Experiences of Housing and Homelessness in Canada, More

Canadian Diversity International Migration: The Emergence of the Mobile Student
The latest edition of Canadian Diversity, entitled International Migration: The Emergence of the Mobile Student, offers a series of articles focusing on international students and immigration policies in Canada and several countries around the world. It approaches this topic through both empirical and qualitative research, thoughtful policy analysis and discussion, and practical examples of programs and initiatives underway in universities and colleges in Canada and abroad. This magazine begins with an analysis of international students in Canada, examining how Canadian policies are adapting to facilitate the arrival and retention of student migrants and identifying future challenges that will require policy attention. Examples of initiatives underway in Canadian cities, universities and colleges shed light on a number of best practices in student integration, creating welcoming communities and helping students transition to permanent residency. These Canadian examples are complemented and contrasted by international perspectives from Australia, Singapore, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal and France, creating a truly international overview of an emerging theme in global migration.

Canadian Diversity
Canadian Diversity


Our Diverse Cities: British Columbia
The articles in the Our Diverse Cities British Columbia edition will introduce you to the unique challenges faced by this province but also the successful practices that have been established over time. The themes introduced in the previous editions of the regional Our Diverse Cities will be further developed, but within a new geographical context.

Volume 8
Last updated: May 27, 2011
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