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  Metropolis Liaison:

Uttara Chauhan

  Priority Leader:
  Jim Frideres
University of Calgary
  Domain Leaders:
  Oliver Schmidkte
University of Victoria
  Lloyd Wong
University of Calgary
  Luin Goldring
York University
  Antoine Bilodeau
Université Concordia
  Pauline Gardiner Barber
Dalhousie University
Features of
the Week
Features of the Week

Does Canada Have a Multicultural Future?

The Elephant in the Room: Religion and Public Policy

Preparing for Diversity: Improving Preventive Health Care for Immigrants

Social Cohesion: What Works?

Defining and Measuring Social Cohesion

Immigrant Integration Outside Montreal

Globalization and increased international mobility have highlighted transnationalism as both a policy concept and a practice

Identity and Political Participation Among Young Second Generation Immigrants

Electoral Participation of Ethnocultural Communities

Bridging the Common Divide: The Importance of Both "Cohesion" and "Inclusion"

Immigration, Diversity and Citizenship - The Values and Responsibilities Debate

The Theory and Practice of Citizenship in the 21st Century: Some International Trends

Integration and Settlement on the Canadian Prairies

Citizens on the Move: Democratic Standards for Migrants' Membership

Non-citizen Voting Rights
Invisible City: Immigrants Without Voting Rights in Urban Ontario
Think global, vote local

Experience of Discrimination by Visible Minorities in Small Communities

Citizenship in the United States and Canada: How Government Policy Matters for Immigrant Political Incorporation

Language Testing Regimes in Europe

Not Another Solitude: Third-Language Media Matter

Immigration Trends, Language Skills and the Labour Market Integration of Recent Immigrants

Official Language Proficiency and the Civic Participation of Immigrants

“Social and Media Discourse in the Reasonable Accommodation Debate"

Social Capital Formation and Diversity in Canadian Cities: Impacts of Individual and Place Related Characteristics
Complete document, Policy brief

Reflection and Self-evaluation on Intercultural Inclusiveness in your Organization –
    Leader’s Guide: a tool for reflection within organizations

Recent Immigrants’ Awareness of, Access to, Use of, and Satisfaction with Settlement Services in York Region

Community Context and Civic Participation in Immigrant Communities


Last updated: May 24, 2011

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