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  Metropolis Liaison:

Mona Marshy

  Priority Leader:
  Jose (Carlos) Teixeira
UBC-Okanagan campus
  Domain Leaders:
  Rick Enns
University of Calgary

Sandeep Agrawal
Ryerson University

  Damaris Rose
Institut national de la
recherche scientifique
  Xavier Leloup
Institut national de la
recherche scientifique
Features of the Week
  Features of the Week

Poor Housing Outcomes among African Refugees in Metro Vancouver, Newcomers' Experiences of Housing and Homelessness in Canada, Canadian Issues/Thèmes canadiens, Fall 2010

The Housing Situation and Needs of Recent Immigrants in the Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver CMAs: An Overview

Geographies of Ethnocultural Diversity in a Second-tier City

Multiculturalism “on the ground”

Immigrants’ Needs and Public Service Provisions in Peel Region

Funeral and Burial Sites, Rites and Rights in Multicultural Ontario

The Panel Study on Homelessness in Ottawa

Implications for Service Delivery for Immigrant and Refugee Women

Social Housing in Ottawa

Shaping and Re-shaping Urban Landscapes in Halifax

Recent Immigrants in a Rural Nova Scotia County: A Tentative Typology

On the Edges of the Mosaic

Did you know? On March 1, 2007, the Metropolis Project hosted a Symposium on
Newcomers, Housing and Homelessness...

Refugee Housing Trajectories in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg

Young People Living in Low-Rent Housing Projects: A Problem of Inter-Ethnic Coexistence

Homelessness and Housing among Status Immigrant, Non-Status Migrant, and
Canadian-Born Families in Toronto

The Resettlement Experience of Privately Sponsored Refugees in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Newcomers in the Canadian Housing Market

The Myth of Ghettoization in Urban Canada and le Ghetto Français

"What is This Thing Called Multicultural Planning?" in Plan Canada, Special Edition, 2009 - Mohammad A. Qadeer

Annick Germain, “Religion in Public Space in a Multi-ethnic Environment: Reasonable Accommodation in Zoning” in Plan Canada, Special Edition, 2009

New Immigrant Settlement in a Mid-sized City: A Case Study of Housing Barriers and Coping Strategies in Kelowna, British Columbia

Memory clinics to enrich common heritage, in Our Diverse Cities, no. 7 (spring 2010)

Montreal: A Multicultural City: Overview of Research on Ethnic Concentration, Our Diverse Cities, no. 7

"Housing Regulations and Living Conditions of Mexican Migrant Workers in the Okanagan Valley, B.C."

“Ethnic Enclaves in Multicultural Cities: New Retailing Patterns and New Planning Dilemmas” in Plan Canada, Special Edition, 2009.

Immigration Policy Shifts: From Nation Bulding to Temporary Migration


Last updated: July 11, 2011

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