Justice, Policing, & Security
Academic Experts

Aiken, Sharryn J. (aiken@queensu.ca) ~ Queen's University
My research focuses on Canadian immigration and refugee law with a particular interest in post 9/11 securitization and its impact on refugee diasporas.

Amiraux, Valérie (Valerie.amiraux@umontreal.ca) ~ University of Montreal
Valérie Amiraux studies religious pluralism in Europe (Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy). Her expertise on Muslim populations and religious discrimination has led Ms. Amiraux to tackle new projects on radicalization in other religious minorities

Boudreau, Julie-Anne (Julie-Anne_Boudreau@ucs.inrs.ca) ~ Institut national de la recherche scientifique, l'Université du Québec
Julie-Anne Boudreau studies the sense of insecurity in metropolitan centres in Canada, the United States, Europe, Mexico and Vietnam. She is interested in the relationship between insecurity and the political mobilization of citizens—particularly insecurity in immigrant and marginalized populations.

Canefe, Nergis(ncanefe@yorku.ca) ~ York University
I can speak about minority relations, minority rights, history of Muslim and Jewish minorities, communal identity and the justice system, etc.

Capurri, Valentina (vcapurri@hotmail.com) ~ York University
My research focuses on the public discourse around the medical inadmissibility provision contained in the Canadian Immigration Act. I mainly look at it from a historical perspective (1900-2002) and from the viewpoints of politicians in both the House of Commons and Senate, some newspapers and the court system.

Crépeau, François (francois.crepeau@umontreal.ca) ~ University of Montreal
Research on: migrations controls and human rights, rights and freedoms of migrants, refugee determination in Canada

Ellermann, Antje (ellermann@politics.ubc.ca) ~ University of British Columbia
I work on the politics of immigration control and immigration policy in Europe and North America.

Gilbert, Liette (gilbertL@yorku.ca) ~ York University
My research focuses on the criminalization and/or marginalization of immigrants/refugees in North America. Current work includes the expansion of border politics into municipal governance, the neoliberalization of immigration and multiculturalism, media representations of immigration and multiculturalism, and a collaborative research on immigrants/refugees perceptions of public spaces/institutions.

Helly, Denise (denise.helly@ucs.inrs.ca) ~ Institut national de recherche scientifique
Law and Islam in the West, Muslims integration, policies of immigration and cultural pluralism, Canadian multiculturalism, regimes of secularism, State and religion, discourses on security, rights of migrants, temporary migrant workers

Hyndman, Jennifer (hyndman@sfu.ca) ~ Simon Fraser University
My research interests are refugee settlement, refugee security overseas, and national security in relation to migration generally speaking.

Lacroix, Marie (marie.lacroix@umontreal.ca) ~ Université de Montréal
Marie Lacroix's research interests include immigration and refugee policy, asylum seekers and social work practice, international social work and international development and community capacity building.

Levi, Ron (ron.levi@utoronto.ca) ~ University of Toronto
Ron Levi's research focuses on (1) the political and social contexts for current urban and criminal justice policies; (2) international criminal law and human rights; and (3) immigration and transnational experiences of legality, crime, citizenship and the state.

Macintosh, Constance (constance.macintosh@dal.ca) ~ Dalhousie University
Research specialties include the intersection of human rights and security-focused laws, the impact of modifications to policy and legislation on migrant populations, and border control.

Mojab, Shahrzad (smojab@oise.utoronto.ca) ~ University of Toronto
I am currently conducting a SSHRC-funded research entitled "Children of War: Citizenship Education and the Practice of Democratic Principles," where I am analyzing civic education curriculum as experienced by immigrant youth from war zones.

Oxman-Martinez, Jacqueline (jacqueline.oxman-martinez@umontreal.ca) ~ Université de Montréal
My area of expertise is related to Canadian migration policies, gender disparities, human trafficking and violence.

Pruegger, Valerie (Valerie.Pruegger@calgary.ca) ~ University of Calgary
My work in the area of Justice, Policing and National Security includes research on hate crimes and hate crime legislation, community policing in diverse communities, racial profiling and bias-free policing, and creating inclusive organizational change in policing and justice agencies. I also work with immigrants and refugees, as well as racialized minorities in this area.

Rossiter, Marian (marian.rossiter@ualberta.ca) ~ University of Alberta
My interest is in the integration of immigrant and refugee youth into Canadian society and in the circumstances of those who come into conflict with the law.

Roussel, Stephane (roussel.stephane@uqam.ca) ~ L'Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
Stephane Roussel is a specialist of Canadian foreign policy, with special interest for Canada-US relations, North American integration and borders issue.

Schwartzman, Kevin (kevin.schwartzman@mcgill.ca) ~ McGill
Dr. Schwartzman is a respirologist and clinical epidemiologist with expertise in tuberculosis, including economic and public health aspects of immigrant screening.

Scott Watson (sdwatson@uvic.ca) ~ University of Victoria
I focus on the securitisation of migration, and examine the process through which political and media elites construct migrants as threatening to society and the state.

Shariff, Shaheen (shaheen.shariff@mcgill.ca) ~ McGill University
Shaheen Shariff is a leading international expert on legal and policy aspects relating to cyber-bullying, use of social networking sites among youth; and development of on-line interactive on-line programs that inform users about shifting legal boundaries and their own legal responsibilities to engage in civil and socially responsible on-line discourse.

Triadafilopoulos, Phil ( T.Triadafilopoulos@utoronto.ca) ~ University of Toronto
My research focuses on immigration, citizenship and immigrant integration policies in Europe and North America.

Wortley, Scot (scot.wortley@utoronto.ca) ~ University of Toronto
Minority and immigrant interactions with the justice system; the nature and extent of youth gang activity in Toronto; Toronto residents and their attitudes towards the police and criminal courts; police stop and search activities in Kingston, Ontario; police use of force in Ontario victimization of street youth and high school students in Toronto; the relationship between immigration status, ethnicity and criminal justice in Canada.

Yeager, Matthew (myeager@uwo.ca) ~ King's University College
In general, I have worked in two areas, in particular: the relationship between immigration and official criminality; and the relationship between criminal records, rehabilitation certificates, and recidivism. In more general terms, I have explored issues like criminal dangerousness, sentencing, prison alternatives, and parole.

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