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  Metropolis Liaison:
  Andrew Stewart
  Priority Leader:
  Ron Levi
University of Toronto
  Domain Leaders:
  François Crépeau
Université de Montreal
  Valérie Amiraux
Université de Montréal
  Benjamin Perrin
  Jean-François Thibault
University of Moncton

Constance MacIntosh
Associate Professor
Dalhousie University

Features of the Week
Features of the Week

Discrimination or "Good" Policing The Racial Profiling Debate in Canada

Criminal Organizations or Social Groups?
An exploration of the Myths and Realities of Youth Gangs in Toronto

Gendering Canada's Refugee Process

Justice Policing and Security Seminar: Building an Empirical Evidence Base
• Seminar Proceedings

Launch of a trilingual guide on trafficking in persons

Money, Respect and Defiance: Justifications for Gang Activity in Canada

"Securitizing" Canadian Policing: A New Policing Paradigm For the Post 9/11 Security State?

You may be interested in "Them" and "Us" The Two Worlds of Tuberculosis?

Challenge paper on justice and the intersections of diversity

"Trafficking in Persons"

"Security and Immigration, Changes and Challenges: Immigrant and Ethnic Communities in Atlantic Canada, Presumed Guilty?"
Complete document
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"Family Dispute Resolution among Muslim Minorities in the West; Analysis of a Case Study of Muslim Women, Religious Counsellors and Civil Actors in Montreal"
Complete document

"Breakdown in Legitimacy? Immigration, Security, Social Cohesion and Nativism"

Immigrant Integration and Security Policy Since September 11

Gender, Security and Immigration in Atlantic Canada Policy Implications

The Border, Canada-US Trade and the Post-9/11 Security Regime with implications for Immigration and Diversity

Combating Militant Jihadism in Canada: A War of Ideas

The Social Capital Balance Sheet: A Report from the Prairies

Border Thickness or Profiling of Immigrants

"What are the implications of a perimeter approach to security for Canadian Border and Immigration practices?"

Rethinking newcomer and minority offending and victimization: beyond hate crimes…

Thinking about the Over-Representation of Certain Groups in the Canadian Criminal Justice System: A Conceptual Framework

Newcomer and Racial Minority Perceptions of the Canadian Criminal Justice System: Results from a 2007 Toronto Survey

Building Communities Resilient to Crime, Disasters and Violent Extremism

Kim Cragin - Social Science for Counterterrorism: What do we know that can be used in analysis?

Trafficking in Persons and Transit Countries: A Canada-U.S. Case Study in Global Perspective

Achieving Crime Prevention: Reducing Crime and Increasing Security in an Inclusive Canada

Perceptions and Realities of Terrorist Threats: Government, Institutional and Social Responses

Criminological Highlights


Last updated: May 25, 2011

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