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Policing, Justice and Security in a Diverse Canada: Building an Empirical Evidence Base

This seminar is designed to bring together policymakers and researchers working in the areas of policing, justice, and security with those working in the areas of immigration and diversity.  The core objective of this interaction is to develop a research framework that will facilitate the development of an empirical evidence base on how these two areas of policy and research overlap.

In addition, the seminar should lay the groundwork for developing a network of researchers and policymakers with expertise in how these two areas interest. 

February 25-26, 2008

Hampton Inn Ottawa and Conference Centre
200 Coventry Road, Ottawa

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Morning sessions (please select one)  
1. What are the Implications of a Perimeter Approach to Security for Canadian
Border and Immigration Practices?
Emily Gilbert, University of Toronto
2. Access to Justice: Newcomer and Minority Perceptions of, and Experiences
with, the Canadian Justice System
Scot Wortley, University of Toronto
3. Newcomer and Minority Victimization: Hate Crimes and Beyond
Derek Janhevich, University of Ottawa
4. Building Communities Resilient to Crime, Disasters and Violent Extremism
Louise Lemyre, et al., University of Ottawa

Afternoon sessions (please select one)  
1. Over/Under Representation of Newcomers and Minorities in
Policing, Justice and Security
Anthony Doob, University of Toronto et Cheryl Webster, Université d’Ottawa
2. Perceptions and Realities of Terrorist Threats: Government, Institutional
and Social Responses
Jez Littlewood, Carleton University
3. Youth Gangs, Adult Gangs, and Organized Crime: Business as Usual?
Bernard Schissel, University of Saskatchewan
4. Maintaining the Balance: How to Reduce Crime and Increase Security
in an Inclusive Canada
Ross Hastings, University of Ottawa


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