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Introduction – Our Diverse Cities: The Prairies – Frontiers of Migration
Tom Carter, University of Winnipeg; Tracey Derwing, University of Alberta; Linda Ogilvie, University of Alberta; Terry Wotherspoon, University of Saskatchewan


Section 1
Immigration and Settlement
in the Prairies

Section 3
Challenges Facing Newcomers


Canadian Diversity and the Prairie Provinces: A Historical Perspective
Robert Vineberg, Canada West Foundation and Prairie Metropolis Centre

Exploring Ways of Addressing Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Mental Health and Well-Being in Saskatchewan
Judy White, University of Regina

  Immigration: The Prairie Story
Randy Gurlock, Citizenship and Immigration Canada
The Resettlement Experience of Privately Sponsored Refugees in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tom Carter, University of Winnipeg

Recent Trends in Migration to Third-Tier Centres in the Prairies
Lori Wilkinson and Alison Kalischuk, University of Manitoba

Refugee Housing Trajectories in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg
Rick Enns, University of Calgary; Tom Carter, University of Winnipeg


Integration and Settlement on the Canadian Prairies
Fariborz Birjandian and Rob Bray, Calgary Catholic Immigration Society

Educational Pathways to Successful Social Integration for African Refugee Students in Manitoba
Yatta Kanu, University of Manitoba
  Foreign Worker Recruitment and Protection: The Role of Manitoba’s Worker Recruitment and Protection Act
The Honourable Nancy Allan, Government of Manitoba
Workforce Integration of Racialized Francophone Immigrants in Winnipeg: Summary of an Exploratory Study
Jean Lafontant, Université du Québec à Montréal
  Saskatchewan: Sustaining Economic Momentum Through Immigration
Arla Cameron, Ministry of Advanced Education, Employment and Labour, Saskatchewan
Experience of Discrimination by Visible Minorities in Small Communities
Daniel W. L. Lai and Nedra Huffey, University of Calgary
  Attracting and Retaining Immigrants: A Tool Box of Ideas for Smaller Centres
Lynne Belding, Citizenship and Immigration Canada; Jean McRae, The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria
The Social Capital Balance Sheet: A Report from the Prairies
Abdie Kazemipur, University of Lethbridge
  An Analysis of Immigrant Attraction and Retention Patterns Among Western Canadian CMAs
Valerie Pruegger, University of Calgary and City of Calgary; Derek Cook, City of Calgary
From Temporary Workers to Permanent Residents: Transitional Services for Filipino Live-in Caregivers in Southern Alberta
Glenda Lynna Anne Tibe Bonifacio, University of Lethbridge
  Planning for Immigration to the Prairies: A Community Practitioner’s Experience
Kim Shukla, Prairie Global Management
Spider Webs, Diversity and Inclusion
Gayla Rogers, University of Calgary and Urban Alliance
  Section 2
Cultural and Racial Diversity
Section 4
Integration Initiatives
  A Socio-Economic Profile of Visible Minorities in the Prairies: Multiculturalism Research Themes
Kamal Dib and Sofia Rodriguez-Gallagher, Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Public Education and Partnership: Commission Initiatives to Build Welcoming Communities and Combat Racism and Discrimination in Alberta
Cassie Palamar, Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission
  Rethinking Canada: Canadian Values as a New Framework for Development
Marc Arnal, University of Alberta, Campus Saint-Jean
  Cultural Diversity, Race Relations, Immigration and Integration in Saskatoon: The Process of Developing Institutional Arrangements
Joseph Garcea, University of Saskatchewan; Smita Garg, City of Saskatoon
  Temporary May Not Always Be Temporary: The Impact of “Transitional” Foreign Workers and Increasing Diversity in Brandon, Manitoba
Jill Bucklaschuk, Alison Moss and Robert C. Annis, Rural Development Institute, Brandon University
  Municipal Roles in Immigrant Integration: The Edmonton Experience
John Reilly, City of Edmonton

  The Face of the New West: An Emerging Identity Crisis in Stampede City
Derek Cook, City of Calgary
  Building a Successful Workforce for the Future: Winnipeg’s Equity and Diversity Initiatives
Jackie Halliburton, City of Winnipeg
  The New Ethnic Identity? Young People on the Prairies
Jim Frideres, University of Calgary
  Snapshots from Edmonton: Immigrants in a Rapidly Changing City
Jim Gurnett, Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers
  Youth and Urban Places as Forms of Attachment: A Calgary Study
Yvonne Hébert, University of Calgary; Jennifer Wenshya Lee, National Taiwan University
  Beyond Settlement: Strengthening Immigrant Families, Communities and Canadian Society
Through Cultural Brokering

Yvonne Chiu, Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative; Lucenia Ortiz, Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative; Ruth Wolfe, University of Alberta
  Edmonton-Area Francophone African Christian Churches and the Social and Individual Integration of Newcomers
Paulin Mulatris, University of Alberta, Campus Saint-Jean
  Prairie Settlement: The Regina Open Door Society Expands to Meet Increasing Needs
Darcy Dietrich, Regina Open Door Society
  Both Lost and Found: Urban Aboriginal Peoples in Prairie Cities
Douglas Durst, University of Regina
  Privately Sponsoring Refugees in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tom Denton, Manitoba Refugee Sponsors
      Saskatoon Open Door Society: Welcoming Newcomers Through the Community Host Program
Julie Fleming Juárez, Saskatoon Open Door Society
      Attracting Immigrants to Rural Saskatchewan: A New Experience and a Challenge Worth Meeting
Jeff Passler, Southeast Community Settlement Committee


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