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Participants in Ottawa Meeting
Elisabeth Barot (UNESCO)
Kathy Bickmore (OISE, University of Toronto)
John Biles (Multiculturalism / Metropolis)
Ted Buglas (Library of Parliament)
Jeff Bullard (Multiculturalism, Canadian Heritage)
Roger Butt (Canadian Heritage)
Debbie Cook (Privy Council Office)
Tracey Derwing (University of Alberta)
Judy Ettinger (Carleton University)
Mark Evans (OISE, University of Toronto)
Jim Frideres (University of Calgary)
Yvonne Hébert (University of Calgary)
Douglas Hodgkinson (CMEC)
Bruce Jamieson (Citizenship and Canadian Identity, Canadian Heritage)
Alexandra Johnson (Bronfman Foundation)
France Jutras (Université de Sherbrooke)
John Kabano (Université de Québec à Rimouski)
Stacey Kaketsis (University of Calgary)
Eva Krugly-Smolska (Queen's University)
Zig Layton-Henry (University of Warwick, U.K.)
Dana Mae-Grainger (Canadian Heritage)
Michael Manley-Casimir (Simon Fraser University)
Claire E. Marshall (Institute on Governance)
Norman Moyer (Citizenship and Canadian Identity, Canadian Heritage)
Kenise Murphy Kilbride (Ryerson Polytechnic University)
Neil Nevitte (University of Toronto)
Michèle Normand (Université de Montréal)
Jeff Orr (Saint François Xavier University))
Michel Pagé (Université de Montréal)
Graham Pike (UPEI)
Françoise Roy (Human Rights, Canadian Heritage)
Susan Scotti (Citizenship and Canadian Identity, Canadian Heritage)
Myer Siemiatycki (Ryerson Polytechnic University)
Hans Smits (University of Regina))
Charles Ungerleider (UBC)
Lori Wilkinson (University of Alberta
Debra Young (Human Rights, Canadian Heritage)
Sandra Zagon (Public Service Commission)

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