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The Cities' Initiatives

The Metropolis Project Team recently launched the Cities Initiative. The objective of the Cities Initiative is to increase the participation of municipalities in Metropolis and to foster the Project's expertise within a municipal setting. While the context of Metropolis research has always been largely urban, the Cities Initiatives aimsfor a more effetive municipal engagement in Metropolis and to enhance the relevance of the research for municipal governments. Specific measures include developing this Cities Corner Metropolis Web site, identifying urban policy-research questions and organizing events that engage municipalities.

    Our Diverse Cities Ottawa

    What? Ten public forums on how immigration and diversity impact on
    municipal policy and programs in Ottawa.

    Format? Each forum will include researchers, municipal officials,
    community organizations and media representatives. They will feature one hour of presentations and one hour of discussions.

    When? One panel per month over the year November 2004 to November

    Why? Ensure municipal policies and programs are sensitive to the
    increasing diversity of communities in Ottawa.


    Related Studies:


    • 10th International Metropolis Conference (October 2005: Toronto, Canada)
    • - Workshop T12: Policy Strategies for Integration, Equality and Diversity in European Cities
      - Workshop T23 Cities and Citizenship: Developing Indicators of Cultural Diversity
      - Workshop W3 Urban Policies for International Migration in Developing Countries
      - Workshop TH1 How to Develop Tools of Evaluation on the Municipal Actions Against Racism
      - Workshop TH10: Pluralism and the Municipal Agenda: What Visions?
      - Workshop TH26: Releasing the Diversity Advantage of Cities
    • 18th Canadian Ethnic Studies Association Conference (October 2005: Ottawa, Canada)
      - Plenary: becoming Newly Diverse: Responding to the Changing Demography of the National Capital Region
    • 9th International Metropolis Conference (September 2004: Geneva, Switzerland)
    • - Plenary 4 Cities in Transformation-Managing Social Conflict
      - Workshop G47 Social Inclusion: Role and Responsibility of City Government in Relation to National Government
    • 7th National Metropolis Conference (March 2004: Montreal, Canada) Workshop C-6 "The Multicultural City: Negotiating Public Space"
    • - Workshop G-5 Municipal Diversity Management

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