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  Friday Sessions    
  2011 Program


Workshop C(Files are in Adobe PDF format)

C1   Immigrants and Canadian Cities in Transition

C2   Mapping Migration from the Americas: Exploring Migration Flows to Canada from Latin America and the Caribbean

C3   Aging Securely in an Uncertain Era

C4   Diversity Within Diversity: Learning from Experience

C5   Why and How to Engage Diverse Youth in Municipal Decision-Making? /
       Pourquoi et comment engager les jeunes divers dans le processus décisionnel des municipalités?

C6   All in the Family? Migration, Settlement and Integration

C7   Le soutien à l’élève et à sa famille: quelques initiatives pour contrer la conjugaison entre
       immigration et défavorisation

C8   Can City Planners Plan Welcoming Communities?

C9   Interprovincial Migration and Emigration Patterns of Immigrants

C10 A Behavioural Change Framework for a More Inclusive and Welcoming Workplace Culture

C11 Community Resilience to Crime: An Integrated Policy Approach

C12 Challenging Integration and Citizenship: Addressing Misconceptions Between Policy,
       Practices and Understandings in Canada and China

C13 Migrant Strategies for Access to Health: Individual, Family and Collective Action

C14 Beyond Charity: The Policy Implications of Refugee Resettlement in Canada

C15 Transitioning to Permanent Residence: Challenges and Good Practices for International Students

Workshop D

D1   Recreating Home: Experiences and Challenges

D2   Criminal Justice Data and Diversity

D3   Planning for Immigration-Related Growth: Policy Frameworks, Tools and Strategies for Creating Complete,
       Vibrant Communities and Managing Long-Term Growth

D4   Newcomer Housing and Homelessness Issues in Different Regions of Canada /
       Problèmes de logement et d’itinérance des nouveaux arrivants dans différentes régions au Canada

D5   How are Immigrant Seniors Aging in Canada?

D6   Examining the Implications of Recent Policy Shifts: The Production, Everyday Experiences and
       Long-term Consequences of Forms of Precarious Migratory Status.

D7   Career Development Programming as a Reaction to Immigration Policy Changes: Is it Working?

D8   Immigrant Integration, Religious Diversity and the Suburbs

D9   Virtual Enclaves: Online Communication and Social Participation of Ethno-Cultural Communities

D10 Identity, the Nation and Youth: A Critical Exploration of Citizenship Praxis

D11 Multiculturalism, Religious Pluralism, and Accommodation in Evolving Contexts

D12 Problematizing Marriages of Convenience and Immigration: Research and Practice Perspectives

D13 Immigrants’ Essential Skills in the Canadian Workplace: From Theory to Practice

D14 Stressors, Conflict and Violence in Immigrant Families: Sources and Solutions

D15 Immigrant Women at Work: Career Experience of Immigrant and Newcomer Women

Rountables D

RT-D06 Introducing New MIPEX results: How Canada can Learn from the World

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