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  Thursday Sessions    
  2011 Program

Workshops A (Files are in Adobe PDF format)

A1   New Citizens, New Agendas: Extra-economic Concerns and Integration Scenarios

A2   From Characteristics of Welcoming Community to Capital of Immigrants Retention

A3   Strengthening Supports for At-Risk and Gang-Involved Immigrant Youth

A4   Being a Temporary Foreign Worker in Canada : Human Rights, Regulations, and Cultural, Social and Economic
       Experiences / Réalité des travailleurs temporaires étrangers au Canada : droits de la personne, règlements et
       expériences culturelles, sociales et économiques

A5   The Challenges of Employment Equity in Canada: A Tale of Two Sectors

A6   Senior Immigrants to Canada and Their Sponsoring Families

A7   Labour Market Entry Through the Eyes of Migrant Youth

A8   Roles of Ethno-Specific Organizations in Settlement and Integration of New Immigrants: A Case of Chinese
       Communities in Canada

A9   Internationally Educated Immigrants: Steps Towards Their Successful Integration Into the
       Canadian Labour Market

A10 Immigrant Teachers in Canada: Balancing Labour Market and Equity Agendas

A11 Economic Integration of Immigrants in Smaller Provinces and Rural Areas of Canada:
       Outcomes, Challenges and Policies

A12 The Globalization of Border Control

A13 Immigrant and Refugee Mental Health: New Approaches to Service Delivery in Canada

A14 Media in Multicultural Canada: Theories, Policies, and Practices for Citizenship and Integration

A15 Immigration, Diversity, and the City: Canada and Sweden Compared

Workshops B

B2   Religion, Radicalization and Securitization: A Canadian Perspective

B3   Developing Capabilities and Conditions to Grow Intercultural Neighbourhoods

B4   Provincial Experiences with Immigration: Policies, Public Accountability and Public Opinion

B5   Investigating the Canadian Partnership Model for Immigrant Integration and Inclusion:
       Preliminary Research Findings

B6   The Professional Integration of Highly Skilled Immigrants: Current Issues and Initiatives

B7   Underemployment Among Immigrants in Canada: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions

B8   Rethinking Settlement Information: New strategies in Information Provision for Newcomer Integration

B9   Exploring Recent Shifts in Economic Immigrant Selection Policies Across Canada

B10 Reflections and Debates on the Guatemalan Temporary Agricultural Worker to Canada Project

B11 Measuring Immigrant Integration: Developing a Multi-Dimensional Index

B12 Anglophone Communities in Linguistic Minority Situations and Immigration: State of Play and an Action Plan /
       Les communautés anglophones en situation minoritaire et l’immigration : état des lieux et plan d’action

B13 What is the Role of Public Space in the Integration Process?

Rountable B

RT-B1   Using Data to Inform Local Policies and Community Practice in Immigrant Integration

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