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Foreign Credential Recognition

Return Migration: The case of Hong Kong

The Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program:
Considerations for the Future of Farming and the Implications of Managed Migration

Beyond the Polemics: The Economic Outcomes of Canadian Immigration

Will the Earnings of Recent Immigrants to Canada Ever Catch-up?

Temporary Worker Programs:  Experiences from the United States and Elsewhere

The Socioeconomic Outcomes of Second Generation Young Adults

The Outcomes of the Second Generation in Europe
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"Actively Engaging Employers"

Francophone International Health Graduate

The Role of Networks in Economic Integration of New Arrivals

How Integrated are Women from Sub-Saharan Africa in the Canadian Labour Force? Halifax Case Study*

Foreign Worker Recruitment and Protection: The Role of Manitoba’s Worker recruitment
and Protection Act

Employers discriminate against applicants with non-English names, UBC study suggests

Saskatchewan: Sustaining Economic Momentum through Immigration

Why Do Skilled Immigrants Struggle in the Labour Market? A Field Experiment with Six Thousand Résumés

Difficulties that Maghrebian Immigrants to Quebec Face in Finding Work: A Matter of Perspective
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Temporary May Not Always Be Temporary

Building a Successful Workforce for the Future: Winnipeg’s Equity and Diversity Initiatives

Multiple interpretations of the migration plans of maghrebians in quebec: the impact of labour market integration support

Families and Violence in Punjabi and Tamil Communities in Toronto

Labour Market Participation and Employment Income Among Immigrants in Quebec Compared with Those in the Rest of Canada

Economic Vulnerability and Ethnicity in Canada’s Metropolitan Workforce:
An Exploratory Analysis of Census Classifications
- Briefing Note, Working Paper

Does Returning to School After Immigration Affect Labour Market Outcomes for Immigrants?

Why Are Relatively Fewer Immigrants Employed in Montreal than in Toronto?

Key Findings from the First Metropolis National Research Competition: The Labour Market Transitions of Newly Arrived Immigrant Youth: A Tri-Provincial Study

Key Findings from the Second Cycle of the Metropolis National Research Competition
Macroeconomic Impacts of Canadian Immigration: An Empirical Analysis Using the FOCUS Model
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