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  Metropolis Liaison:
  Priority Leader:
  Ron Levi
University of Toronto
  Domain Leaders:
  François Crépeau
Université de Montreal
  Valérie Amiraux
Université de Montréal
  Benjamin Perrin
  Jean-François Thibault
University of Moncton

Constance MacIntosh
Associate Professor
Dalhousie University


Criminological Highlights
Prepared by Anthony Doob, Rosemary Gartner, Tom Finlay, John Beattie, Carla
Cesaroni, Maria Jung, Myles Leslie, Ron Levi, Natasha Madon, Nicole Myers, Holly Pelvin, Andrea Shier, Jane Sprott, Sara Thompson, Kimberly Varma, and
Carolyn Yule

Criminological Highlights produces summaries of key criminological research.  This issue explores themes ranging from immigrant crime and racial issues to policing and imprisonment.  Of particular interest for Metropolis readers is the article on immigrant youth (Article 1). 

This article adds further weight to the conclusion that immigrants are less likely to engage in crime than other subsets of the Canadian population.

Complete document

  Brown Bag Seminar

Alex Wilner – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) ~ The Logic of Post-9/11 Deterrence: Using Coercion, Influence, and Manipulation in Counterterrorism


Memorandum of understanding
Priority overview & research questions


Last updated: December 6, 2011

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