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Taking Culture Seriously in Community Mental Health: A five-year Study Bridging Research and Action
Joanna Ochocka, Elin Moorlag, Sarah Marsh, Karolina Korsak, Baldev Mutta, Laura Simich and Amandeep Kaur - pdf icon Read
  3 65
  Introduction: Immigrant Mental Health in Canada
Nazilla Khanlou and Beth Jackson - pdf icon Read
Improving Mental Health Services for Immigrant, Refugee, Ethno-cultural and Racialized Groups
Kwame McKenzie, Emily Hansson, Andrew Tuck and Steve Lurie - pdf icon Read
  5 70
  La santé mentale des immigrants au Canada : une introduction
Nazilla Khanlou et Beth Jackson - pdf icon Read
Mental Health Service Utilization by Chinese Immigrants: Barriers and Opportunities
Lin Fang - pdf icon Read


  Migrant Mental Health in Canada
Nazilla Khanlou and Beth Jackson - pdf icon Read
How Cultural Awareness Works
Miu Chung Yan - pdf icon Read


  Health Literacy, Immigrants and Mental Health
Laura Simich - pdf icon Read
Development of a Culturally Sensitive Screening Tool: Policy and Research Implications
Shahlo Mustafaeva and Regan Shercliffe - pdf icon Read
  23 84
  Is there a Healthy Immigrant Effect in Mental Health?
Evidences from Population-Based Health Surveys in Canada

Edward Ng and D. Walter Rasugu Omariba - pdf icon Read
In the Interest of Working with Survivors of War,
Torture and Organized Violence: Lessons from a
University/Community Research Collaborative in
South-Western Ontario

Ginette Lafrenière and Lamine Diallo - pdf icon Read


  29 88
  The Mental Health of Immigrants and Minorities
in Canada: The Social and Economic Effects

Mengxuan Annie Xu and James Ted McDonald

pdf icon Read
Du global au local : Repenser les relations entre
l’environnement social et la santé mentale des
immigrants et des réfugiés

Cécile Rousseau, Ghayda Hassan, Nicolas Moreau, Uzma Jamil et Myrna Lashley - pdf icon Read
  33 93
  A Review of the International Literature
on Refugee Mental Health Practices

Biljana Vasilevska and Laura Simich - pdf icon Read
Community Engagement and Well-Being of Immigrants:
The Role of Knowledges

Yvonne Lai and Michaela Hynie - pdf icon Read
  39 98
  Compassionate Admission and Self-Defeating
Neglect: The Mental Health of Refugees in Canada

Morton Beiser - pdf icon Read
Determinants of Mental Health for Newcomer Youth:
Policy and Service Implications

Yogendra B. Shakya, Nazilla Khanlou and Tahira Gonsalves - pdf icon Read
  45 103
  Pre-Migration and Post-Migration Determinants of Mental Health for Newly Arrived Refugees in Toronto
Ruth Marie Wilson, Rabea Murtaza and Yogendra B. Shakya - pdf icon Read
The Mental Health of Immigrant and Refugee
Children in Canada: A Description and Selected
Findings from the New Canadian Children and
Youth Study (NCC YS)

Morton Beiser - pdf icon Read
  51 108
  Immigrant Access to Mental Health Services:
Conceptual and Research Issues

Alice W. Chen - pdf icon Read
Mental Health Promotion through Empowerment
and Community Capacity Building among East and
Southeast Asian Immigrant and Refugee Women

Yuk-Lin Renita Wong, Josephine P. Wong and Kenneth P. Fung - pdf icon Read
  55 114
  Cultural Competence in Mental Health Services: New

Charmaine C. Williams - pdf icon Read
Working with Immigrant Women: Guidelines
for Mental Health Professionals

Sepali Guruge, Enid Collins and Amy Bender - pdf icon Read
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