CIESC XXXIII Annual Conference

May 28-31, 2005

University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario

The CIESC will take part as a member-association in the 2005
CSSE Annual Conference that will be held at the University of
Western Ontario in London, Ontario, from May 28 to 31, 2005. The
Conference theme is "Empire and Education: The challenge of teaching
and learning in a time of war". The CIESC invites members and
non-members to participate in the Conference by submitting
brief abstracts of their papers.

Deadline for submission of this abstract November 1st 2004.
Participants to the CIESC Conference may consider the
Conference theme under the Canadian and International Perspectives.
According to CSSE's rule, presenters are allowed to be first author of
only one presentation in the CSSE conference. Please do not
submit the same presentation to other constituent Associations within

Presentation session will be 75-minute period with a maximum
of three presenters per session throughout the conference.
Joint presentation with multiple presenters may be allowed up to
one period. CIESC suggests the following format:

(1) Multiple Presentation Session is a summary session of
several individual papers followed by a prepared critique/discussion
and audience participation;

(2) Single Presentation Session allows one author a
15-minute presentation followed by one or two prepared reactions and
audience participation;

(3) Symposium/Panel Session provides for an in-depth
examination of specific problems or topics, often from a variety of
viewpoints followed by audience participation; organizers should
indicate a chairperson for this type of session.

All submissions need to be sent to CSSE through their
website. Please follow the instructions provided at -Member Services.

In addition for CIESC submissions please email one copy of
the completed coversheet (attached) and one copy of the abstract
to CIESC Program Director Dr Helen Harper:
Please use RTF (Rich Text Format) for attachments.

The coversheet format is provided in this e-mail
(see attachment).
The abstract should normally be no longer than 100 words in
length, double-spaced. Its purpose is to indicate, clearly and
succinctly, the purpose, nature, and substance of the proposed

On 1 November 2004 proposals should be submitted to CSSE via
the online service and to CIESC via email.

On 1 November 2004 to 21 January 2005 a mail of
acknowledgement of receipt of proposal will be sent to you by CIESC.

On 11 February 2005 a mail of acceptance or rejection of
proposal will be sent to you.

You need to join or renew your CSSE and CIESC membership by
November 1, 2004 in order to utilize the online service.

Please access the website for more
information. CIESC will provide its members with more information on
registration and membership fees.

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