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1. Supreme Court opinion on indefinite detention of aliens
2. Supreme Court opinion concerning deportation issue
3. DHS monthly statistical report on immigration
4. National Intelligence Council report discusses migration worldwide
5. Canada: Immigration department's quarterly newsletter
6. U.K.: Survey includes data on ethnic groups, racial discrimination
7. Australia: 2 immigration dept. reports on experiences of recent immigrants


8. Poll questions on Bush's handling of immigration issues
9. 'The Underground Labor Force Is Rising To The Surface'
10. 'Attitudes toward Guest Immigrant Workers: What Alabama Thinks'
11. 'Changing Demographics of U.S. Science-Engineering PhDs'
12. Report and survey on remittances from the U.S. to the Dominican Republic
13. Data on racial/ethnic diversity and fluency in English in 'California's 12 Public Schools'
14. Survey on Hispanic support for President Bush
15. U.K.: 'Student visa extension'
16. Attitudes on U.K. asylum, immigration systems in 'Public Attitudes to Public Services'
17. Refugee, asylum-seeking children addressed in 'State of Children's Rights in England 2004'
18. 'The Two-Tier Settlement System: A Review of Current Newcomer Settlement Services in Canada'
19. 'Self-Selection, Immigrant Public Finance Performance and Canadian Citizenship'
20. U.S. and Canada: 'Culture Brokering in the Health and Rehabilitation Services'
21. 'Is Sydney a Divided City Ethnically?'
22. 'The tractor, the shop and the filling station: work migration as self-help development in Albania'
23. 'Korean Military Service Laws And Implications For U.S. Immigration Laws'
24. New Working Papers from the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies


25. Immigration issues in 'Winning The Future: A 21st Century Contract with America'
26. 'African Leaders Reach Out to Africans in the Diaspora'
27. 'The Consolidated Asylum and Migration Acquis: The EU Directives in an Expanded Europe'
28. 'Dude, Did I Steal Your Job? Debugging Indian Computer Programmers'


29. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
30. Journal of International Migration and Integration
31. International Migration Review
32. Journal of American Ethnic History
33. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, issue on comparative immigration policies
34. Rural Migration News
35. People and Place

-- Mark Krikorian]


Clark, Field Office Director, Seattle, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, et al. v.
Supreme Court of the United States, October Term, 2004



Jama v. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Supreme Court of the United States, October Term, 2004
http:// www.supremecourtus.gov/opinions/04pdf/03-674.pdf



Immigration Monthly Statistical Report, November 2004
Office of Immigration Statistics, Department of Homeland Security



Mapping the Global Future: Report of the National Intelligence Council's 2020 Project
National Intelligence Council, December 2004



The Monitor
Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Summer 2004



Home Office Citizenship Survey: People, Families and Communities
Home Office Research, Development and Statistics Directorate, December 2004



The Changing Labour Force Experience of New Migrants
Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural and
Indigenous Affairs, January 12, 2005


The Changing Settlement Experience of New Migrants
Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural and
Indigenous Affairs, January 12, 2005



Washington Post-ABC News poll
January 17, 2005



2.6) Do you approve or disapprove of the way George W. Bush is handling immigration issues?

5.6) Please tell me what kind of priority you think George W. Bush and the Congress should give immigration issues.

6.6) Please tell me if you think George W. Bush will or will not make substantial progress on immigration issues in the next four years.

25) Do you think the United States is or is not doing enough to keep illegal immigrants from coming into this country?

26) Do you think illegal immigrants who are living and working in the United States now should be offered a chance to keep their jobs and eventually apply for legal status, or do you think they should be deported back to their native country?

27) Would you support or oppose a law that would prohibit states from giving drivers licenses or any other official photo ID to illegal immigrants?



The Underground Labor Force Is Rising To The Surface
By Robert Justich and Betty Ng, CFA
Bear Stearns Asset Management Inc., January 3, 2005



Attitudes toward Guest Immigrant Workers: What Alabama Thinks
The Center for Governmental Services at Auburn University, January 2005


press release:



Changing Demographics of U.S. Science-Engineering PhDs
By David R. Francis
The National Bureau of Economic Research, January 2005



Sending Money Home
Remittance Recipients in the Dominican Republic and Remittance Senders from the US
Columbia University, November 23, 2004


Remittances and the Dominican Republic
Survey of Recipients in the Dominican Republic, Survey of Senders in the United States
Columbia University, November 23, 2004



California’s K–12 Public Schools
How Are They Doing?
By Stephen J. Carroll, Cathy Krop, Jeremy Arkes, Peter A. Morrison, and Ann Flanagan
The RAND Corporation, 2004

EDITOR'S NOTE: Chapter 2 includes data on racial/ethnic diversity and fluency in English.



Bush 2004 Gains among Hispanics Strongest with Men, and in South and Northeast
National Annenberg Election Survey, December 21, 2004



Student visa extension
MigrationWatch UK, December 29, 2004
press release: http://www.migrationwatchuk.org/newsdesk2004.asp#dec_29_04




Public Attitudes to Public Services
ICM Research, June 2004 and September 2004



State of Children's Rights in England 2004
Children's Rights Alliance for England, November 2004



The Two-Tier Settlement System: A Review of Current Newcomer Settlement Services in Canada
By Kareem D. Sadiq
CERIS Working Paper Series, #34, November 2004



Self-Selection, Immigrant Public Finance Performance and Canadian Citizenship
By Don J. DeVoretz and Sergiy Pivnenko
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) Discussion Paper Number 1463, January 2005



Culture Brokering in the Health and Rehabilitation Services, CERIS Seminar
By John Stone, PhD, Director, Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange (CIRRIE)
State University of New York at Buffalo, November 18, 2004



Is Sydney a Divided City Ethnically?
By Michael Poulsen, Ron Johnston, and James Forrest
Australian Geographical Studies, Volume 42, Issue 3, 2004



The tractor, the shop and the filling station: work migration as self-help development in Albania
By Beryl Nicholson
Europe-Asia Studies, Volume 56, Number 6, September 2004



Korean Military Service Laws And Implications For U.S. Immigration Laws
By Young H. Noh and Amy S. Lee
Immigration Daily, January 14, 2005



New Working Papers from the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, UC-San Diego

Remittance Outcomes in Rural Oaxaca, Mexico: Challenges, Options, and Opportunities for Migrant Households
By Jeffrey H. Cohen and Leila Rodriguez, Pennsylvania State University
Working Paper No. 102


Organizing Immigrant Communities in American Cities: Is this Transnationalism, or What?
By Gustavo Cano, Guest Scholar, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, UC San Diego
Working Paper No. 103


What Holds Back the Second Generation? The Intergenerational Transmission of Language Human Capital Among Immigrants
By Hoyt Bleakley, UC San Diego, and Aimee Chin, University of Houston
Working Paper No. 104


Immigration and Politics
By Wayne A. Cornelius, UC San Diego, and Marc R. Rosenblum, University of New Orleans
Working Paper No. 105


Learning in Two Languages: Spanish-English Immersion in U.S. Public Schools
By April Linton, UC San Diego
Working Paper No. 106


Media Images, Immigrant Reality: Ethnic Prejudice and Tradition in Japanese Media Representations of Japanese-Brazilian Return Migrants.
By Takeyuki Tsuda, UC San Diego
Working Paper No. 107


Immigrants and Their Schooling
By James P. Smith, RAND
Working Paper No. 108


Cambios en la Inmigracion a Resultas de la Politica Restrictiva del Gobierno Espanol
By Antonio Izquierdo, Universidad de Coruna, Spain
Working Paper No. 109


Development of National Migration Regimes: Japan in Comparative Perspective
By Katherine Tegtmeyer Pak, St. Olaf College
Working Paper No. 110


Language Assimilation Today: Bilingualism Persists More Than in the Past, But English Still Dominates
By Richard Alba, State University of New York at Albany
Working Paper No. 111



Winning The Future: A 21st Century Contract with America
By Newt Gingrich
Regnery Publishing, Inc., January 2005
Hardcover, 272 pp., ISBN: 0895260425, $27.95


PUBLISHER'S DESCRIPTION: In the twenty-first century, America could be destroyed. The dangers are manifold: Terrorism. Judges who think they’re God (and who are anti-God). Rising economic challenges from China and India. Immigrants and young Americans who know little about American history and values. Can America survive?

Yes, says Newt Gingrich, and we as Americans can do more: We can create a safer, more prosperous, and healthier America for our children and grandchildren. How? By enacting a 21st Century Contract with America. When he was Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich issued his first Contract with America. What was the result? Sweeping reform that shocked Washington and spurred an economic recovery for the nation, including: the first major tax cut in sixteen years; real, lasting welfare reform; and four years of balanced budgets. But the challenges now are even starker, and Newt is back with a plan for American greatness that includes:

. . .

* How to restore patriotism to American schools – and insist on patriotic learning for new immigrants

. . .



African Leaders Reach Out to Africans in the Diaspora
By Sharon T. Freeman

The All American Small Business Exporters Association (AASBEA), November 2004
Paperback, 166 pp., ISBN: 0-9703463-4-4, $19.99



The Consolidated Asylum and Migration Acquis: The EU Directives in an Expanded Europe
Compiled by Peter J. van Krieken
Cambridge University Press
Paperback, 350 pp., ISBN: 9067041807, $65



Dude, Did I Steal Your Job? Debugging Indian Computer Programmers
By N. Sivakumar
Divine Tree, July 2004
Paperback, 189 pp., ISBN: 0975514008, $14.99


PUBLISHER'S DESCRIPTION: With the recent backlash against outsourcing and immigrant visa programs like the H1-B and L1, the Indian immigrant programmer community has become a direct target of the anti-immigration and anti-outsourcing activists. While looking at the life, struggle and achievements of Indian immigrant computer programmers with a touch of humour, this book also covers questions that were raised by American programmers, media and some politicians.



Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Volume 30, Number 6, November 2004


How Can We Understand Immigration in Southern Europe
Natalia Ribas-Mateos

Immigration and City Change: the Lisbon Metropolis at the Turn of the Century
Jorge Macaista Malheiros and Francisco Vala

Frontier Hybridization or Culture Clash? Transnational Migrant Communities and Sub-National Identity Politics in Andalusia, Spain
Gunther Dietz

Immigrant Women in Barcelona: Coping with the Consequences of Transnational Lives
Elisabetta Zontini

Education and the Occupational Pathways of Migrants in Italy
Emilio Reyneri

Making the Neighborhood Safer: Social Alarm, Police Practices and Immigrant Exclusion in Italy
Fabio Quassoli

Inflow of Migrants and Outflow of Investment: Aspects of Interdependence between Greece and the Balkans
Lois Labrianidis, Antigone Lyberaki, Platon Tinios and Panos Haziprokopiou

Immigration Policies in Southern Europe
Carlota Sole



Journal of International Migration and Integration
Volume 5, Number 3, Summer 2004

Special Issue: Organized Migrant Smuggling and State Control: Conceptual and Policy Challenge


Facilitating the Arrival of Illegal Immigrants in the Netherlands: Irregular Chain Migration versus Smuggling Chains
Richard Staring

Mexican Migrant-Smuggling: A Cross-Border Cottage Industry
David Spener

State Migrant Exporting Schemes and their Implications for the Rise of Illicit
Migration: A Comparison of Spain and the Philippines
Christina Siracusa and Kristel Acacio

Opening Up Legal Channels for Temporary Migration: A Way to Reduce Human Smuggling?
Frank Laczko



International Migration Review
Volume 38, Number 4, Winter 2004


The Grassroots Reconfiguration of U.S. Immigration Policy
Miriam J. Wells

Arab Migration to Europe: Trends and Policies
Philippe Fargues

Exploring Diversity in Immigrant Assimilation and Transnationalism: Poles and Russian Jews in Philadelphia
Ewa Morawska

Albanian and Polish Migration to Italy: The Micro-Processes of Policy, Implementation and Immigrant Survival Strategies
Ankica Kosic and Anna Triandafyllidou

Economic Cost of Human Capital Loss From Fiji: Implications for Sustainable Development
Mahendra Reddy, Manoranjan Mohanty and Vijay Naidu

How do Migrants Fare in a Post-Apartheid South African Labor Market?
Tukufu Zuberi and Amson Sibanda

Generational Patterns in Home Ownership and Housing Quality among Racial/Ethnic Groups in New York City, 1999
Emily Rosenbaum and Samantha Friedman



Journal of American Ethnic History
Volume 24, Number 1, Fall 2004


John Higham and Immigration History
Leonard Dinnerstein and David M. Reimers

Our Lady of Guadalupe in the New South: Latino Immigrants and the Politics of Integration in the Catholic Church
Mary E. Odem

Race, Gender, and Laundry Work: The Roles of Chinese Laundrymen and American Women in the United States, 1850-1950
Joan S. Wang



Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis
Volume 6, Number 2, August 2004


Where Immigrants Settle in the United States
Barry R Chiswick and Paul W Miller

Indian IT Entrepreneurs in the US and in India:
An Illustration of the 'Brain Gain Hypothesis'
Uwe Hunger

Immigration in a Mediterranean Welfare State: The Italian Experience in Comparative Perspective
Giuseppe Sciortino

Policies of Backlash: Recent Shifts in Australian Migration Policy
Sigrid Baringhorst

Immigrant Cultures, State Policies and Social Capital Formation in Germany
Dietrich Thranhardt

Citizenship, Passports and the Brain Exchange Triangle
Don J Devoretz and Kangqing Zhang



Rural Migration News
Volume 11, Number 1, January 2005



Central Valley: Jobs, Housing, Air
Coastal California: Housing
Southeast, Midwest



ALRB, Horses, NLRB, Health
UFW: Gallo, Pictsweet, Digiorgio, Unions
Midwest, Northeast, Northwest
Southeast, Florida
Health and Insurance



Bush: Migrants
H-2As, Braceros
Border, Sanctions
Canada: Migrants



Agriculture, Water, Ads
Wine, Olive Oil, Fois Gras
Obesity, Food Safety
China, Brazil, Shrimp


ALRA at 30
COA 2002: California and Us
QCEW: Farm Worker Jobs and Wages
Steven Street: Beasts of the Fields
Text for Jan 05 Figure



People and Place
Volume 12, Number 4, 2004



World's worst or world's best practice: European reactions to Australia's refugee policy
Adrienne Millbank

Analysing traveller movement patterns: stated intentions and subsequent behaviour
David Osborne

Screening of doctors trained overseas; a response
Sue Ieraci


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