Immigration reading 

1. President Bush calling for illegal-alien amnesty at LULAC convention
2. Sen. Kerry calling for illegal-alien amnesty at La Raza convention
3. GAO report on visa revocation
4. GAO report on long-term alien detention
5. GAO report on coordination of border security on federal lands
6. GAO report on Census policy for Americans living overseas
7. Statements from House hearing on visa revocation
8. Statements from House hearing on human trafficking
9. CRS report on terrorist screening efforts
10. Supreme Court opinion on detention of Hamdi
11. State Department refugee admissions news
Australia: Immigration legislation changes

13. "
California's Minority and Immigrant Voters"
14. Report on immigrants among
New York taxi drivers
15. "Latino Youth Finishing College: The Role of Selective Pathways"
16. "The Postsecondary Educational Progress of Youth From Immigrant Families"
17. "Aid and Migration: An Analysis of the Impact of Progresa on the Timing
and Size of Labour Migration"
18. "'Honoring tradition, accepting new ways': development of a hepatitis B
control intervention for Vietnamese immigrants"
19. "Methodological problems related to alcohol research among Turks and
Moroccans living in the
Netherlands: findings from semi-structured interviews"
20. "The Economic Experiences of Refugees in
21. "Global Minds, Local Bodies: Kosovar Transnational Connections Beyond
British Columbia"
22. "Colour My World: Has the Majority-Minority Earnings Gap Changed over Time?"
23. "Social Capital of Immigrants In
24. "Citizens of the World with Canadian Passports?"
25. "People and Parliamentarians: The Great Divide"
26. Latest from the Migration Information Source
27. Papers from the UCLA/SSRC Summer Institute on International Migration

28. Significant International Statements: A Thematic Compilation
29. Controlling Immigration: A Global Perspective
30. Indigenous Mexican Migrants in the United States

31. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
32. Journal of International Migration and Integration
33. Ethnic and Racial Studies
34. Canadian Journal of Urban Research, special issue on economics of immigration

-- Mark Krikorian]

President Discusses American Dream
Remarks by the President Via Satellite to the League of United Latin
American Citizens Annual Convention
July 8, 2004


National Council of La Raza's 37th Annual Conference
Remarks of Senator John Kerry
June 29, 2004


Border Security: Additional Actions Needed to Eliminate Weaknesses in the
Visa Revocation Process, GAO-04-795, July 13, 2004

full report:


Immigration Enforcement: Better Data and Controls Needed to Assure
Consistency with the Supreme Court Decision on Long-Term Alien Detention.
General Accounting Office, GAO-04-434, May 2004


Border Security: Agencies Need to Better Coordinate Their Strategies and
Operations on Federal Lands.
General Accounting Office, GAO-04-590, June 2004


2010 Census: Overseas Enumeration Test Raises Need for Clear Policy Direction.
General Accounting Office, GAO-04-470, May 2004


Visa Revocations II: Still Porous, Slow to Fix
Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats, and International
Committee on Government Reform
U.S. House of Representatives
Tuesday, July 13, 2004 10 a.m.


Briefing memo

Opening Statement of Chairman Shays

Jess T. Ford
Director, International Affairs and Trade Division, GAO

Tony Edson
Managing Director, Office of Visa Services, U.S. Department of State (In
Place of Janice Jacobs)

Donna A. Bucella
Director, Terrorist Screening Center, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S.
Department of Justice

Robert M. Jacksta
Executive Director, Border Security and Facilitation,Bureau of Customs and
Border Protection, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Robert A. Schoch
Deputy Assistant Director, National Security Investigations, Bureau of
Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Department of Homeland Security


Examining U.S. Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking and Slavery

Hearing Before the Committee on the Judiciary
Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Property Rights, U.S. Senate
Washington, D.C., July 7, 2004

Johnny Sutton
United States Attorney, Western District of Texas

Michael Shelby
United States Attorney, Southern District of Texas

Sister Mary Ellen Dougherty
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Joseph Mettimano
Child Protection Policy Advisor, World Vision

Mohamed Mattar
Co-Director, Protection Project, Johns Hopkins University

Charles Song
Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking

Wendy Patten
U.S. Advocacy Director, Human Rights Watch


Terrorist Identification, Screening, and Tracking Under Homeland Security
Presidential Directive 6
     By William J. Krouse
Congressional Research Service (CRS), April 21, 2004


Hamdi et al. v. Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, et al.
Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
Number 036696, Supreme Court of the United States, June 28, 2004


U.S. Refugee Admissions Program News
Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration
Volume 2, Issue 2, June 15, 2004

Liberians Considered for Resettlement
Assistant Secretary Dewey Offers Encouragement to Partners, Refugees in Kenya
U.S. to Resettle Vietnamese Living in Philippines
FY 2003/2004 Admissions Statistics


Notices of Immigration Legislation Changes, effective
July 1, 2004
The Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs,


California's Minority and Immigrant Voters
Public Policy Institute of
California, June 2004


The Changing Face of Taxi and Limousine Drivers
Schaller Consulting,
July 6, 2004
press release:


Latino Youth Finishing College: The Role of Selective Pathways
     By Richard Fry
The Pew Hispanic Center,
June 23, 2004


The Postsecondary Educational Progress of Youth From Immigrant Families
     By Andrew J. Fuligni and Melissa Witkow
Journal of Research on Adolescence
Volume 14, Issue 2, June 2004

ABSTRACT: Approximately 650 youth from a variety of ethnic and generational
backgrounds participated in a longitudinal study of the postsecondary
educational experiences of youth from immigrant families. Youth completed
questionnaires and provided official school records in the 12th grade and
participated in a phone interview 3 years later. Youth from immigrant
families demonstrated the same level of postsecondary educational progress
as their peers from American-born families across a broad array of
indicators. In addition, youth from immigrant families were more likely to
support their families financially, and some were more likely to live with
their parents as compared with those from American-born families.
Variability among those from immigrant families suggested that youth from
families with higher incomes, higher levels of parental education, and East
Asian backgrounds were more likely to enroll and persist in postsecondary
schooling as compared with their peers.


Aid and Migration: An Analysis of the Impact of Progresa on the Timing and
Size of Labour Migration
     By Manuela Angelucci
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), Discussion Paper Number 1187

ABSTRACT: This paper models the short and medium-run impact of aid on
migration, considering alternatively the effect of unconditional and
conditional cash transfers to financially constrained households. Data from
the evaluation of a Mexican development program, Progresa, are used to
estimate the effect of the potential grant size on migration. The empirical
analysis is consistent with model prediction. It shows that the program is
associated with an increase in international migration, which is also a
positive function of size of potential transfer. The grant may loosen
financial constraints. At the same time, fine-tuned conditional grants
targeting prospective migrants (in the form of secondary school subsidies)
reduce the short-term migration probability. As regards medium-term
migration, secondary school beneficiaries are not more likely to migrate
than the control group after they complete the subsidised education cycle.


'Honoring tradition, accepting new ways': development of a hepatitis B
control intervention for Vietnamese immigrants
     By Nancy J. Burke, Carey J. Jackson, Hue Chan Thai, Frank Stackhouse,
Tung Nguyen, Anthony Chen, Victoria M. Taylor
Ethnicity and Health, Volume 9, Number 2, May 2003


Methodological problems related to alcohol research among Turks and
Moroccans living in the Netherlands: findings from semi-structured interviews
     By Aafje Dotinga, Regina J. J. M. van den eijnden, Willem Bosveld,
Henk F. L. Garretsen
Ethnicity and Health, Volume 9, Number 2, May 2003


The Economic Experiences of Refugees in Canada
     By Don DeVoretz, Sergiy Pivnenko and Morton Beiser
Working Paper Number 04-04 (Revised)
Research on Immigration and Integration in the Metropolis (RIIM), May 2004


Global Minds, Local Bodies: Kosovar Transnational Connections Beyond
British Columbia
     By Kathy Sherrell and Jennifer Hyndman
Working Paper Number 04-10
Research on Immigration and Integration in the Metropolis (RIIM), May 2004


Colour My World: Has the Majority-Minority Earnings Gap Changed over Time?
     By Krishna Pendakur and Ravi Pendakur
Working Paper Number 04-11
Research on Immigration and Integration in the Metropolis (RIIM), May 2004


Social Capital of Immigrants In
     By Abdolmohammad Kazemipur
Working Paper Number WP04-04
Prairie Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Integration
(PCERII), April 2004


Citizens of the World with Canadian Passports?
     By Gisele Yasmeen
Working Paper Number WP05-04
Prairie Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Integration
(PCERII), May 2004


People and Parliamentarians: The Great Divide
     By Katharine Betts
People and Place, Volume 12, Issue 2, 2004
The Centre for Population and Urban Research, Monash University, Australia


New from the Migration Information Source

IRCA: Lessons of the Last US Legalization Program
     By Mary G. Powers, Fordham University; Ellen Percy Kraly, Colgate
University; William Seltzer, Fordham University

Reining in Child Trafficking in the New EU
     By Lisa Kurbiel, UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations

Educational Attainment of the Foreign Born in the United States
     By Elizabeth Grieco, Migration Policy Institute

Germany: Immigration in Transition
     By Veysel Oezcan, Social Science Centre Berlin

Jordan: A Refugee Haven
     By Geraldine Chatelard, Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies,
European University Institute

Administration Seeks Homeland Security Progress Despite Setbacks
     By Maia Jachimowicz and Betsy Cooper, Migration Policy Institute


Papers from the UCLA/SSRC Summer Institute on International Migration
UCLA, June 21-26, 2004

paper abstracts:

main meeting page:

"Labor & Membership Statuses in the U.S. & Germany: The Influence of Legal
Immigrants' Multiple Membership Statuses on Labor Market Position"
     By Melissa Barnett

"Now I am a man and a woman! The Gendered Terrain of Transnational Mexican
     By Debbie Boehm

"Does migration influence fertility?"
     By Cristina Bradatan

"The Political Economy of Mexico-US Migration: A View From the Source Country"
     By Jorge Bravo

"Killer Bargain: Tariqa Murid, the Money Trail and National Sovereignty"
     By Beth Buggenhagen

"Surfing the Transnational Web Immigrant Entrepreneurship, Social Network,
and Internet Use"
     By Wenhong Chen

"Where Does Pancho Park Fit?:" Korean Mexican Migration and the Korean
Independence Movement
     By Anne Soon Choi

"When Ethnicity Rules: Intergenerational Conflict and Cooperation in Korean
American Politics"
     By Angie Y. Chung

"Southern Europeans into Argentines? The Politics of Making Nationals from
Migrants (1850-1919)"
     By David Cook Martín

"Localizing Ethnography in the Transnational: Studying Migration as
Culturally Managed from the Sending Side"
     By Allison Rosemary Davis

"'Us' and 'Them': The Role of Religion in Mediating and Challenging the
'Model Minority' and Other Civic Boundaries"
     By Elaine Ecklund

"Naturalization and Assimilation among Latino Immigrants"
     By Marilyn Espitia

"Spatial Assimilation and Neighborhoods"
     By Vanessa Estrada

"Inside the Sending State: The Politics of Mexican Emigration Control"
     By David Fitzgerald

"Migradollars and Avocado Production: Opportunities and Investment in a
Mexican Rural Community"
     By Valeria Galetto

"Second Generation Internal Migration: Dispersion from States of Immigration?"
     By Jamie Goodwin-White

"The Politics of Counting: Arabs and the United States Census"
     By Sarah Gualtieri

"'Pochos' to heroes: the Incorporation of the Mexican Diaspora into their
Homeland Polity"
     By Miryam Hazan Bejar

"How Citizenship Matters: Defining Migrant Status and Assessing
Socioeconomic Outcomes in Europe"
     By Christel Kesler

"Biliteracy and the Educational Achievement of Lationos"
     By Amy Lutz

"Global nomads: Ambiguities of home and exile in the new African Diaspora"
     By Francis Njubi Nesbitt

"Transgressing Borders: The Past and Future of Mexico-US Migration Studies"
     By Mark Overmyer-Velázquez

"Arab Communities in Mexico"
     By Camila Pastor

"Negotiating Cues/Queues among Day Laborers on a New York City Street Corner"
     By Carolyn Pinedo Turnovsky

"Migration Progression Ratios: A Period Approach"
     By Fernando Riosmena

"Regulating International Migration: Transnational Policing and Human
Rights at the Arizona/Sonora Border"
     By Patrisia Macias Rojas

"Chinese Transnational Borderland Merchants of Northern Mexico and Baja
California in the Early Twentieth Century"
     By Robert Chao Romero

"Intergenerational ties in Dutch and immigrant families in the Netherlands"
     By Djamila Schans

"The Confluence of Secular and of Muslim Identities: A Survey of Notions of
Church and State in Contemporary France"
     By Jennifer Selby

"Housing Citizenship and New Immigrants in the U.S. and Europe"
     By Mara Sidney

"Assessing the Importance of Culture for Fertility Behavior: the German Case"
     By Tanja St. Pierre

"Personal Exchanges: Race, Space, and Class in the Housing Markets of
Italian South Philadelphia and Toronto's Little Italy, 1940-1990"
     By Jordan Stanger-Ross

"Convergence in Foreigner's Rights and Citizenship Laws? A Look at
     By Kristin Surak

"Latino Transnational Migration and Settlement in Rural
North Carolina"
     By Rebecca Maria Torres

"Does Social Capital Really Matter? The Comparative Effects of Human
Capital, Economic Capital, and Social Capital on Business Owners' Income"
     By Zulema

"What Difference Does Latino Migration Make? Race, Ethnicity, and Urban
Politics in
Nashville, Tennessee"
     By Jamie Winders


Significant International Statements: A Thematic Compilation
International Dialogue on Migration: Volume 5

International Organization for Migration (IOM)
CD, ISSN: 1726-2224, $5

PUBLISHER'S DESCRIPTION: Significant International Statements: A Thematic
Compilation is a collection of statements emanating from selected
migration-related regional, inter-regional and international conferences.
It is intended as a reference tool for migration practitioners, policy
makers and IOM staff when looking at migration issues of interest to the
international community. This publication is the fifth in the series of the
International Dialogue on Migration.

The international statements on migration are presented as follows: (1)
thematically in the form of quotations, and (2) the full text of the
selected conferences. The aim of the first section is to identify migration
areas of common interest and understanding, and areas where the views of
different national or regional experiences and perspectives diverge. The
second section provides the user with the full final text adopted at the
conferences concerned.


Controlling Immigration: A Global Perspective (second edition)
     Edited by Wayne A. Cornelius, Takeyuki Tsuda, Philip L. Martin, and
James F. Hollifield

Stanford University
Press, 510 pp.

Paperback, ISBN: 0804744904, $27.95

Hardcover, ISBN: 0804744890, $65

PUBLISHER'S DESCRIPTION: This book systematically compares immigration
control policies and their outcomes in eleven advanced industrial
countries. The country case studies that were part of the first edition
United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan)
have been extensively updated or replaced with new chapters, and case
studies of
Australia, the Netherlands, and Korea have been added. Special
attention has been devoted in this edition to immigrant integration
policies (or the lack thereof) in each country and to aspects of
international migration that have become more prominent in recent years,
such as organized migrant-smuggling and the nexus between immigration
control and anti-terrorism efforts.


Indigenous Mexican Migrants in the United States
     Edited by Jonathan Fox and Gaspar Rivera-Salgado

The Center for Comparative Immigation Studies (CCIS)
Paperback, 525 pp., ISBN 1-878367-50-1, $55.01

PUBLISHER'S DESCRIPTION: The multiple pasts and futures of the Mexican
nation can be seen in the faces of the tens of thousands of indigenous
people who each year set out on their voyages to the north, as well as the
many others who decide to settle in countless communities within the United
States. To study indigenous Mexican migrants in the United States today
requires a binational lens, taking into account basic changes in the way
Mexican society is understood as the twenty-first century begins.

This collection explores these migration processes and their social,
cultural, and civic impacts in the
United States and in Mexico. The studies
come from diverse perspectives, but they share a concern with how sustained
migration and the emergence of organizations of indigenous migrants
influence social and community identity, both in the
United States and in
Mexico. These studies also focus on how the creation and re-creation of
collective ethnic identities among indigenous migrants influences their
economic, social, and political relationships in the
United States.


Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Volume 30, Number 4, July 2004

Female Sri Lankan domestic workers in Lebanon: a case of 'contract slavery'?
     Ray Jureidini and Nayla Moukarbel

Does China have an apartheid pass system?
     Peter Alexander and Anita Chan

The experiences of Vietnamese in Australia: the racist tradition continues
     David Mellor

New perspectives on old patterns: forced migration of Haitians in the
Dominican Republic
     Laurel Fletcher and Timothy Miller

The political culture of the 1990s immigrants from the former Soviet Union
in Israel and their views toward the indigenous Arab minority: a case of
ethnocratic multiculturalism
     Majid Al-haj

Mechanisms of exclusion: ethnic discrimination in the Swedish labour market
     Jens Rydgren

Legitimising immigration control: Romani asylum-seekers in the finnish debate
     Camilla Nordberg

Influences on quality of life: a qualitative investigation of ethnic
differences among older people in england
     Ini Grewal, James Nazroo, Madhavi Bajekal, David Blane, Jane Lewis

Older Irish migrants living in London: identity, loss and return
     Gerard Leavey, Sati Sembhi, Gill Livingston

The impact of the mother during family business succession: examples from
the Asian business community
     Shaheena Janjuha-jivraj

Can nationalism studies and ethnic/racial studies be brought together?
     Daniele Conversi


Journal of International Migration and Integration
Winter 2003, Volume 4, Number 1

The Politics of Refugees' Non Integration: The Dilemma of Palestinians in
     Simon Haddad and Dima Jamali

What Does Integration Mean? Social Insertion of Russian Immigrants in Israel
     Larissa Remennick

Apport Demographique de l'Immigration Internationale dans la Region
Metropolitaine de Recensement (RMR) de Montreal, 1976-1996
     Ayeko A. Tossou

Transnational Grandparenting: Child Care Arrangements Among Migrants from
the People's Republic of China to Australia
     Wei Wei Da

Occupational Injury Among Immigrants
     Wilfreda Thurston and Marja Verhoef


Journal of International Migration and Integration
Spring 2003, Volume 4, Number 2
Special Issue - Private Sponsorship and Partnerships in Refugee Resettlement

Introduction: Reinforcing Refugee Resettlement - An Introduction to Private
Sponsorship and Partnerships
     Laura Simich

Public-Private Partnerships in Refugee Resettlement: Europe and the US
     Joanne Van Selm

Canada's Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program: A Practitioners
Perspective of its Past and Future
     Barbara Treviranus and Michael Casasola

Sponsorship and Resettlement Success
     Morton Beiser

The Kosovar Sponsoring Experience in Northern Alberta
     Tracey M. Derwing and Marlene Mulder

Sponsorship: Organizational, Sponsor, and Refugee Perspectives
     Michael Lanphier

Understanding Private Refugee Sponsorship in Manitoba
     Thomas R. Denton

The Finnish Red Cross in Refugee Settlement: Developing the Integration
Timeline as a Tool for Integration in the Kotopolku Project
     Johanna Matikainen


Ethnic and Racial Studies
Volume 27, Number 4, January 2004

The Caribbean Diaspora: Some introductory remarks
     Harry Goulbourne; John Solomos

Diaspora and its discontents: A Caribbean fragment in Toronto in quest of
cultural recognition and political empowerment
     Ralph Premdas

Caribbean influences in African-American political struggles
     Perry Mars

Globalized anti-blackness: Transnationalizing Western immigration law,
policy, and practice
     Vilna Bashi

Moral capital in Surinamese transnationalism
     Ruben Gowricharn

The Antillese in France: Trends and prospects
     Michel Giraud

Jamaican Creole: In the process of becoming
     Beverley Bryan


Canadian Journal of Urban Research
Summer 2004, Vol. 13, Issue 1
special issue on "The Economics of Immigration and Canada's Cities"

Introduction to Economic and Urban Issues in Canadian Immigration Policy
     Hugh Grant, Dept. of Economics, University of Winnipeg and Arthur
Sweetman, School of Policy Studies, Queen's University

The Deteriorating Economic Welfare of Canadian Immigrants
     Garnett Picot, Statistics Canada

Economic Integration of Immigrants to Canada: A Short Survey
     Derek Hum and Wayne Simpson. Dept. of Economics, University of Manitoba

Immigrant Earnings Performance In Canadian Cities: 1981 through 2001
     Casey R. Warman and Christopher Worswick, Dept. of Economics, Carleton

Toronto and Vancouver Bound: The Location Choice of New Canadian Immigrants
     James Ted McDonald, Dept.of Economics, University of New Brunswick

The Goals of Canada's Immigration Policy: A Historical Perspective
     Alan G. Green, Dept. of Economics, Queen's University and David Green,
Dept. of Economics, University of British Columbia

The Impact of Canada's New Immigration Act on Chinese Independent Immigrants
     Yan Shi, RIIM Centre of Excellence, Simon Fraser University

Immigrant Public Finance Transfers: A Comparative Analysis by City
     Don DeVoretz and Sergiy Pivnenko, RIIM Centre for Excellence Simon
Fraser University

Public Transit Use Among Immigrants
     Andrew Heisz and Grant Schellenberg, Statistics Canada

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