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 The Bridge is an information bulletin broadcast and published by the Metropolis Project Secretariat.

Priority Seminar:
Settlement Experiences of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Newcomers: Implications for Services in Large and Small Canadian Cities -
Brian O'Neill, University of British Columbia August 24, 2011

Metropolis 2011 National Conference Video Presentation

The 13th National Metropolis Conference, "Bringing the World to Canada", took place in Vancouver in March of this year and was attended by more than 1,100 participants from the policy-making, practitioner and research fields. Given the large distance from Ottawa, fewer government participants from the National Capital Region were able to participate in this conference than in previous years. In response, the Metropolis Secretariat will showcase plenary videos throughout the month of August to give policy-makers in Ottawa a chance to hear expert presentations from what was one of our most successful events to date.

The video presentations will be accompanied by guest speakers who will field questions and participate in the discussion following the presentations. All viewings will be held in the Citizenship and Immigration Videoconference Room located on the second floor of the Jean Edmonds South Tower at 365 Laurier West.y, cooperation and hard work in helping to build an integrated society for all in Canada.

Upcoming Publication
Canadian Diversity:
Racism in the Workplace
Metropolis and the Racism-Free Workplace Strategy are working together to produce a special issue of Canadian Diversity on racism in the workplace. The purpose of this magazine is to highlight current research findings and best/practices by Canadian and international researchers, policy-makers and community practitioners on discrimination and workplace racism, including important precursors and outcomes. This magazine will be released at the 14th National Metropolis Conference in Toronto next March.

Comments or Suggestions?
Email Projet-Metropolis-Project

Volume 3, Issue 7, August 2011


Important Upcoming Dates and Events

Submit Proposals: Submission Deadline Friday, September 30, 2011
The National Metropolis Conference welcomes proposals from researchers, students, government and non-government sector partners in the form of workshops, roundtables or poster presentations. Topics that are national in scope or comparative across the provinces and territories are particularly welcome. Call for proposals for workshops, roundtables and poster presentations will open in July 2011.

16th International Metropolis Conference Ponta Delgada
Azores September 12 - 16, 2011 - More, Brochure, Azores

China in the World Conference
Monash University Prato Centre, Italy

The main aim of these symposia is to feature academic work and local Prato initiatives on the economic and social integration of the Chinese in Prato. Postgraduate and early career researchers are encouraged to participate. A publication outcome is planned.

Free entry: Registration compulsory

Metropolis is an international network for comparative research and public policy development on migration, diversity, and immigrant integration in cities in Canada and around the world.
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